March 2008

I had my office customized with bookshelves and the such and it should be done within the hours (the installation that is). I got a new computer desk with printer caddy and the works! Matches the wood floors and I’m loving it! Can’t wait to have it finished!

I think I know why I get the skin torn on my (_|_). When I work my abs, I wear rough cotton shorts! All that rubbing on skin that is delicate isn’t cutting it at all. When I wear softer material than cotton, it doesn’t rip my (_|_) at all. Lesson learned- no cotton on bare bottoms!

Man, I’m tired. I hung some curtains on for my windows at home today and it about drained me of all my energy. No more energy to do anything else other than sleep. Sleeping doesn’t require any energy at all (at least in my case). I’m going to do one chapter of micro and call it a night. I have so much work ahead of me I need to get on the ball before I fall behind. Next exam is coming and I need an “A”.

I cleaned my fish tank filter good today but I think I really need to remove all the substrate (rock) from the bottom and toss it out for something else. It’s looking like crap and I rather have some other substrate other than white pebbles. I think I’ll do this tomorrow but for now, a chapter of micro! My office needs a good cleaning too!

Perhaps it is so but on how I was raised and what culture has instilled within me, if someone invites you out to dinner, they are paying for the meal and you are there just as company. Then awhile later, when you have time, you invite them for company and you pick up the tab. It is reciprocal harmony and should be taken seriously if you are among friends.

Now with that stated. My friends went to a birthday party and the birthday girls invited them to dine out at a nice restaurant. The company was in good spirit and the tab was drilled higher with the guys ordering rounds after rounds of spirits. Nothing wrong with that. At the end, some guy said to some extent, “I’m a pharmacist but it doesn’t mean I have to pick up the tab so lets split the bill in ten parts”. Wow, what kind of uncouth a comment is to be said to a crowd of friends? I’m sure he makes more money than everyone else but to use that as an excuse to exclude him from picking up the tab is ridiculous and a slap in the face. Where’s the face value in this coin? Who expected him to pick up the tab? Can’t he just say “hey, lets exclude the girls tonight and us guys will pick up the tab”. Simply and to the point.

To my recollection it was the party of the birthday girls’ and they invited everyone to accompany them in good spirit: they should have picked up the tab. Gender does not influence the outcome of this event. I’ve been to a few of these parties and I say it’s pretty damn pathetic. To all the parties where I’ve (we) thrown a party for a friend, we all paid together and excluded the friend who’s party we threw for. That’s natural for group tribute because the party was thrown for the occasion of someone else but to have the group pay for themselves- excluding the birthday girls, is poor etiquette.

I myself, have never once paid for my birthday- ever (only when Duyen takes me out do I take the tab even though she insists) when my boyfriends take me out. I don’t ever ask to be taken out, they just naturally want to spoil me. I naturally want to spoil them on their birthday too. It’s not etiquette btwn us that we take each other out, we just want to do a nice outing for a special occasion with no strings attached. That’s how it should be.

I recently acquired a 14″ Ryobi Chop Saw and have loved it ever since. I was thinking of purchasing a bandsaw and or coldsaw (yeah right!) but combined with the Bullet metal cutting blade, it cuts faster and less grimy than abrasive disks which makes for a cleaner environment around the shop. I’m sure you know how dusty abrasive disks can be because it poses a health issue when ingested via inhalation. The fine granite particles that can be lodged in our lungs and cause all sorts of bad things are from the by products of the abrasive disks.

I don’t think I’ll be getting a bandsaw anytime soon. This chop saw takes up very little room but it’s quite cumbersome to carry so I’m going to make a stand for it once I have time. Might give it better mitering capability but first I have to tinker on how to approach this. The only thing I worry about is the number of cuts I can make before the blade dulls. After all, it’s only carbide and it will dull. I want to make a video of a kick ass cut but I’ll have to do that later so TBA on this one!

I was on a car ride down to another city and I said to myself, “Lets donate” =) So I donated a year’s worth of funds and I’m quite please might I add. I listen to this channel exclusively; thusly, I’m never updated on the new trendy songs that are top hits. Me and my classical music rocks my boat from home to whatever destination I chose to go that very specific day. I love this channel, great music and great news!

So I got invited to a Birthday party that she said I MUST make months before this- half a year prior. So I said to myself I would go (on Friday). The invite was via TEXT (02/29/08- how annoying but okay). So I get another text on Tuesday 03/04/08 stating that the party is canceled. Okay, no problem.

So I spoke casually with a friend today and they said they were at her birthday Thursday. Cool, I’m fine with that. So do I assume she didn’t wanted me to be there? Assumption corrected. It’s just rude not to update someone, especially when you wanted them to go for half a year. I’m not upset or mad but I thought that was extremely rude. She’s done some rude things but I don’t put any mind to it because it’s frivolous.

I know for a fact that If I’m that person, I would have updated the other party out of politeness and either let them decline or accept to go. That would be the proper way to handle the situation. In this situation, it makes you feel that the other person does not want you to be there in the first place. Though I care less if I was there or not, I felt that I should point out the matter.

I’m chatting with about three of my buddies and they are constantly correcting my grammar if I goof on something accidentally say using “theirs” instead of “there’s”… Something really simply yet they know what I meant but still insist in correcting me… It really vexes me. I can account to more than dozens of times they goofed on their grammar yet I knew what they meant and said nothing or corrected them because I knew that they knew better.

I’m not writing a paper so I couldn’t care what my grammar was like but as the old adage goes: practice makes perfect. Thusly, I should try to spell correctly. Structurally, I’m fine… it’s just on some common words that I goof on and sometimes I forget to spell “apple” and spell it as “aple”. :::sigh:::

I haven’t done anything today and I feel lethargic: today and yesterday. I have not done any homework and I feel great! Spring break officially begun today and I’m glad for the short break. Nothing really exciting- just another day not going to school but instead, it’s going to be a week of playing hooky (not on those lazy days, they don’t count).

Today was nice! I picked up more steel tubing for my shelves I promised myself I would get done- last week! I’ll catch up this weekend though. I got 60ft of steel to make a sign to hook on the back bed of my vehicle. I can’t wait to get that done but without a working saw, it makes the process a little harder than necessary. The blade on my chop saw is very dull and a new one is coming in its place next Wednesday. I can’t wait that long! That’s very long for shipping, especially for a saw blade. I guess I’ll make due with abrasive disks this weekend. I hate using abrasive disks because they are so dirty and toss fairy dust all around my shop! Breathing that crap in is deadly… But I don’t have that problem… I cut outside where theres a little draft and I’m not in front of that draft=)

Man, I wish I had money that were dispensable: I would get a cold saw or a nice bandsaw. I think I should get a bandsaw. More versatile and less expensive than a cold saw. Cold saws are awesome. I begun to make one but realized that it was too flimsy. The cheapest one weighs around 500-700lbs and the one I made weighed 25lbs? (lol). I have a lot of projects that I work on and I love using my welder to complete these things. Well got to tinker!