May 2010

My Freezer does not come with racks. Odd isn’t it? I stash my frozens all over the place and come to needing something, IDK where the heck everything is at inside the box? My solution?


I have finally downloaded the facebook app for my Palm Pre. Been waiting for more than a yr though I haven’t really periodically checked to see if there was an app for it. Tonight I did. Downloaded and now I’m just loving it. I don’t use it much. I only use it to bug the gf 😉

My battery door for the pre busted too.. 20USD later and now I have a new battery door. Feels like a new phone now. I don’t have to worry that the battery will fall loose and kill my phone mid convo! Don’t know why I never got a replacement until this very time gRRR! I’m a happy camper now!!! Flying out tomorrow morning!

I’m five minutes from school. I love the fact that I can sleep in a little and if I do wake late, I could take a superman shower and head to school and not even be late 😉 Rent’s a little higher b/c I have a garage but hey, who gives a rat’s booty 😉

Came home a little early to setup the new home to my likings. I finally have some free time to write on my journal. I wish I could update this more but school is a little hectic and life passes by so fast. I can’t even finish my coffee at times let alone blog!

I’m so happy for the new semester I’m going to hit the ground running once it starts!