November 2008

We are approaching 2009 very soon. I came home for thanksgiving only to throw away a toothbrush we once shared and to put away a card I left out when I left in a hurry. Life goes on. I miss this house, my bed, my secrets, my office. I have nothing really to say but to an extent that my holiday was a wonderful one. I have so little time and a million things to do; I didn’t accomplish all of them needless to say. I will return for xmas and try to complete them all. I had so many people to see but family is always first so I didn’t get to see a lot of my friends whom are a little upset. I’m sorry. I wish there was more time. Once I come back to school, it’s finals! Study Study Study! Coming back brings so much warm memories. I wanted to stop by Burlington to get some gloves for winter and maybe a few more boxer briefs but didn’t get a chance to. I’ll get them later on when I come back. I did get some contacts though. I didn’t have time last time. Too bad they are being shipped to me. They weren’t in stock=(. Happy holidays. My plant has grown taller the last I saw it.


“To Live with shame is to allow it to encapsulate your every undoing” Diuternity

I remember this now=) I’ve been trying hard to remember this. I live by this. I gave this to a friend whom use to carry around quotes bound by a ring. I will someday finish my book=)

Jimbo cuts my hair every two weeks. Emmy takes care of it. Thought things out before even I. A good friend Emmy is=) Jimbo is getting a lot better at cutting my hair. He’ll improve as time goes by. He has four years to getting better at it.