May 2006

What I ordered:

*Wacom 6×8 Tablet
*Misc. cooling fans

Its feeling like a little kid again that makes it all worthwhile. I had it shipped 2days express for an extra fee but I have a preferred membership and the order is rushed anyways, so it was a waste of money for the shipping. Anyhow, I’m very happy with my new gizmos and toys. The fan is so normongous! I just love it! It’s very quiet- quieter than the stock pentiumIV fan and heat sink combo.

I work a lot in photoshop and the likes, and so I purchased the wacom tablet for easier manipulation with my photos. I don’t know what use it would be but I’ll find out. For some reason, I think it was a waste too! It takes a little getting use to but I’ll manage!

Okay, I finally trapped the little rascal whose been running around my whole neighborhood causing such havoc under people’s homes! I heard one neighbor had holes running from one side of the house to the next! I’m sure it was this armadillo! I did the whole community good by catching this critter! Well, okay… the trapper caught it but I want some credit too- I checked the trap everyday if that counts for anything!

This critter doesn’t look as mean as the possum I caught the other day! I’m just glad its done with! I was worried of future infestations that I went around my yard trimming all the hedges at least 8 inches from the foundation/wall of my house. I’ll need to do it to the side where the trap resides on because I left it for last. I have to admit, my bushes look way cleaner than usual not to mention all the bugs that were in the thickets when they were full!

I’ve left a few photos. It’s pretty interesting how the trapper set it up. You can see that there are two boards running from my neighbor’s house and mine. The board purposively directs the critter into the trap so that it would be easy to catch. They would follow the boards and step right into the trap! Its ironic but if I was caught, I would lose my apatite: this critter didn’t because the bait was licked clean!

I work on the garden a lot and my Coronar pruners constantly loosen during use. I got fed up with it and decided that I shall weld the nut to the bolt. The design is to use a nut with plastic inlaid within to stop the nut from unraveling from the bolt. It works quite well but when you combine that design to something that moves on an axis constantly hundreds and thousands of times, its not going to hold its own.

It was quite easy to do actually. My welder looks brand new since I’ve used it less than a few dozen times. I always store it in it’s original box. I was thinking of purchasing the gas conversion kit for it but decided I do not use it enough to warrant such a purchase. It’s a Lincoln brand; a brand trusted by NASCAR!

coronar pruners : loosening nut : welding

I have two long rows of hedge on the sides of my house and my neighbor knocked on my house the other morning telling me of surprising news: I have a possum digging underneath my house! I didn’t notice such because I’m usually not paying attention until the hedges need tending. I was a little freaked out so I called a local trapper. He caught it and release somewhere far, far away.

I would have caught it myself but I don’t want to buy the trap and having to keep it too. I caught a cat in an attic once using the same style trap the trapper used. I had rented that trap but I don’t know where to rent one around my town. Plus, it was inexpensive to call the trapper out.

My friend walks up to me and says, “lets eat it”! Knowing that he’s only joking=) Its a feisty little critter I would say the least. To say its docile would be an understatement! This thing packs a punch with lots of sharp, sharp razor teeth. I wouldn’t want to get bitten by it.

I reworked my “garden” yard and I put in two dozens of Lily of The Nile flowering plants. I have to say that I’m very impressed with my work! I love my yard a little more now- it’s much more bearable. I had added 40 bags of mulch the other day and the mulch is 2-3inches thick. Now I have a problem with my sprinkler heads being too short! That must be remedied.

The company that came to do my borders, broke my sprinkler head without telling me. I had to find that out myself today and that included 4-months of high water bills. Unappreciated I tell ya! They should have just told me when they broke it- its not like I’m going to go berserk. Good heavens. Now I have to make a repair that I could have done many, many months ago. All that money down the drain because of a broken sprinkler head. I would frustrate others but I’m not. I’m content.

Seven hours of back-breaking labor and lots of money spent, I have completely planted all my plants. My whole idea and thought of approach to the design is to get the Lily of The Nile plants to meander around my borders and caress the sides to make for subtle views and create a centerfold that will help lay out all my various plants that I have planned in my mind. It will subdue the butterflies and confuse the bees to much of my surprise!

It stunned me to know that the ladies’ room is cleaner than the guys’ room. Not to mention the seat was spotless and there was soap left to wash your hands! O, the air was a lot more crisp. The guys’ room is more like a [shit-hole] – nice and dirty with piss all around. It was a rude awakening to step into the ladies’ room and notice the tremendous difference in the two.

I took my niece out for lunch and I drank three ice tea (non sweet please) with nachos and wings. Needless to say, I had to tinkle like a horse! I dropped her off and drove home for the afternoon. I was out of gas and I was very [antsy]. It was nerve racking when I hit traffic. Unbearable! The ironic thing is there was a pool of water shimmering in the median that enticed and teased me. I arched my back while driving as to somehow relieve the pressure off my bladder or was it to suppress my need to tinkle? It had to be one of those moments out of the two!

Thank god I live near a city with lots and lots of gas stations- they’re like dandelions in an oyster bed of twirling and twisting asphalt. I stopped on by and parked at a pump station but first I had to go [pee] really, really bad! I ran in and some guy was using the restroom. Just as I turned away, the ladies’ room was available. I thought childishly, “If not another lady, than its going to be me-” so I snuck in while she stole around the corner. I was in and out fairly quickly!

I had soap to wash up and the floor was spotless- no pee and pooh scattered on the floor. I’m glad I ran in to the ladies’ room for it I had waited one more minute; I would have soiled my pant! Thank god for clean bathrooms! Got out, purchased 23USD worth of gasoline and left!

I find that the smell of mulch is intensified when it rains. It smells so nice. Wild aroma in an urban setting makes me feel so relaxed. I had spread twenty more bags of mulch in the yard- a total of more than forty-five bags. My flowers are growing and my bushes of various kinds, are fairing quite well. I also added four more lights to the yard and will be adding another four very soon. It makes walking to the front door a little more manageable because of the soft lighting it gives off. Also makes the yard a lot more delicious.

My neighbors’ has been complimenting my yard a lot this season. That makes me very happy! I did all the work so why wouldn’t it?! I will be getting around 40 more plants this weekend to plant around the perimeter of my backyard. I have a lot of plans laid out in my mind I can’t wait to break ground. I’m very excited! I’ve wanted to get these ornamental flowering plants but I find them so expensive. I’m looking to buy 2 huge 3-4′ tall plants. They will cost me at least two to three-hundred USD. I’ll be getting these for my self enjoyment.

I think I’ll take a few updated photos once I’m done. The borders I had done to my front yard looks fantastic and adds a great backdrop for the various plants I have. I need more green in the yard!!! I wish I had more space to play with. I’ll have to make due with what’s provided…

I was meeting up my confidant for a job interview we were both going for together. I had brought my lucky pen to do all the paper work too to boot! Let me describe how I got fooled into a surprise birthday dinner. I met up with my friend to go to the job site- I didn’t want to go but he insisted I go root for him? So he tells me where the office is and that I should meet him up at Four Bucks (Star bucks- where everything good is 4USD) so that we can drive their together- I get lost quite easily so I thought I was being loved…

I met up with him and along with him are three other people- for a job interview? What? Anywho… I went a long. He faked it as if he was lost and etc. He even took directions from me to farther induce my belief in his scheme. I was so into it an all, I was getting frustrated yelling at him for making so many U-TURNS. My friend called me on the way there and we spoke till I arrived at the destined location (Bahamas Breeze). I got off the phone and they all yelled “happy birthday” and at that moment, I was still a little dazed as to what’s going on. I walked out of the car with my lucky pen ready to do some paper work and than a light bulb came on, … “O, how foolish am I?!

I am a lover of food. That explains why I am so fat! We had a splendid time. CHIM, smashed cake on my face when I gave him a piece! His girlfriend- my partner in crime, got him back big time=)

It’s very odd but my loyalty lies within close knit friends. My buddy has interest in the same person I did. When he told me he did, I was surprised but kept to myself. I said to myself that I shall not reveal my secret to him for it will ruin his mood and take away his thunder. Doing so would mean that I will lie to him for which I must as my mind tells me his happiness means more to me. For the simple fact that she does not have interest in me, why be so selfish is and was my train of thought.

I would yield to anyone and not just to my friend. In this delicate situation, my friend is like [anyone else] and I treated him like such so that I can keep to myself. If anyone has rights for her hand, I’m not the one that will bicker but instead, I shall celebrate and be jolly for the both of them… After all, I am her friend too. Her happiness means well beyond my own.

Besides the point, I do not have interests in her anymore as I feel that we are two different people. She once told me that her eldest sister disapproves of me and that I’m not fitting of boyfriend material. The eldest sister is a great friend of mine. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and thus, I bear no discontent. She’s quite lovely might I add. None-the-less, I am once free.

So, it’s May 14… I was complaining about my electric brusher and how the battery life on it sucks. It was getting long on the tooth for an over used product. I got one for my birthday! Yah! I’m quite happy because the kit came with two of them. Now I can switch back and forth without worries of running low on battery. Plus i’m a really clean freak, so I tend to clean my stuff on a routine. Having two makes it a lot easier!

Its also mothers’ day. Isn’t a coincident? My birthday lands on mothers’ day like once every 5 years. I did a lot for the mum today. Had a great cookout and now I can hardly walk let alone, breathe. It’s always tiresome this time of month. Too much eating and little exercising, yuck! I’m glad it’s all over.

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