I reworked my “garden” yard and I put in two dozens of Lily of The Nile flowering plants. I have to say that I’m very impressed with my work! I love my yard a little more now- it’s much more bearable. I had added 40 bags of mulch the other day and the mulch is 2-3inches thick. Now I have a problem with my sprinkler heads being too short! That must be remedied.

The company that came to do my borders, broke my sprinkler head without telling me. I had to find that out myself today and that included 4-months of high water bills. Unappreciated I tell ya! They should have just told me when they broke it- its not like I’m going to go berserk. Good heavens. Now I have to make a repair that I could have done many, many months ago. All that money down the drain because of a broken sprinkler head. I would frustrate others but I’m not. I’m content.

Seven hours of back-breaking labor and lots of money spent, I have completely planted all my plants. My whole idea and thought of approach to the design is to get the Lily of The Nile plants to meander around my borders and caress the sides to make for subtle views and create a centerfold that will help lay out all my various plants that I have planned in my mind. It will subdue the butterflies and confuse the bees to much of my surprise!