January 2007


This must be the coolest gift ever! I like it a lot that everyone envies them. They are blue pens wrapped in green tape (the kind that florists use for their own creations). It’s so snazzy. When you place them in an accessory holder, people mistaken them for ornaments and instead, try to find another pen in favor of the pretty flowers that are blocking their view of any usable pens. Little do they know that the ‘ornaments of beauty’ are actually functional. Tricksy isn’t it? Could add a dash of excitement to anyone’s office. It certainly brings some life unto mine most definitely!

Honestly, I do like these little gifts more than I do with the other kinds of gifts you can purchase. These types of gifts are reserved only for friends of non-regrettable caliber. I happen to be such a special friend to her- makes me smile when I come to think of it. I’m assuming I’m special because she fed me good! Nothing was spared of less accommodations.

I was over Mimi’s place turn morning? We had moved a computer desk from her old residence into her new one. It wasn’t very sound and safe because it had sharp edges and was very flimsy. I made a date, fixed the problem with a nice piece of melamine board. It was a success! Took me 32min because of my awesome handyman skills! I got to go see her again because I forgot my sweater at her place. Kudos!

There are a lot of reasons why I’m still without company. I just spoked to my girlfriend and expressed another reason why I’m still solo. It is accommodations or the act of being accommodating to someone you have interest in. I will not accommodate anyone that I have interest in. Without the knowledge of knowing that the relationship will bloom from a grain of sand to pathway made for two, I simply won’t lower myself into such an act of foolishness.

I have seen amany done so and have failed miserably- embarrassed, hurt, and someone’s fool. Why? Why must I lower myself to something I consider shameful? I believe it’s shameful and degrading to follow a woman around and be her lab dog just for formal acceptance- if any were to be considered. There are a few that have been successful in courting their mate using this process. Kudos to them, no?

If the person had actual interest in you then I would say go for it! Be each other’s fools and love it! Enjoy it! Embrace it! However, I do accommodate my family and friends unless something were to go awry but that doesn’t apparently occur in any sense- fashionable or not; I like to see people smile. When you put someone on the pedestal, you are taken advantage of, misused and reused, and finally, taken for granted. When you give someone power over you, they become pushy.

I’m a wall. Pushy and bossy women meet the wall when they get a chance to know me=) That doesn’t increase my chances of courting any ‘one’ thing none-the-less, I’m very content and am my own floating island of infinite happiness. By all means, it should be mutual. I am like so because I don’t like the fact that women or men should get the upper hand against each other. That’s no way to treat one another.

I’ve seen my girlfriends whom were so very much committed and submissive to their mate’s every whims and needs that they forgot themselves. They too, were once beautiful swans but that all changed… for a short period of time that was…, until the ‘big bang’ occurred, or so what I call it. So now the tides turned and you have the guy melting in on the palms of the once submissive girlfriend. What is with this? Is this an Olympic event passing on the reigns of power and control?

That is why I like to start any kind of relationship on an equal plane. equal for both parties and I would like it to stay that way. Why can’t we have equality amongst male and females? Because this is the real world and not the box I live in!

I had a lot of fun going to a piano recital. This was a little different though because it was a duet. Husband and wife duet that is of Chinese descent. Overall, the experience was a good one. I’ve heard of better performances but than again, perhaps my taste for music is a little too demanding. I usually like classical music with a “thump” and a “bang”. I couldn’t remember for the life of me the recital I’ve been to that had me enthralled. The piece I liked best was Swan Lake.

You can some what make out the background. We were trying to take a photo with the piano being in the back but it didn’t work quite well. It was Miss Mimi’s fault. She had shaky hands and didn’t have her daily dose of caffeine. What’s up with my hair?

This was a little dangerous. Again, with Mimi holding the camera. I was driving at the very moment. She took a whole bunch of shots but this one turned out the greatest!

Stradivarius’ Violin. Over 300yrs old. Worth over 3million dollars. My professor has one worth 1million but it’s not a Stradivarius made. It only took him three years to attain it?

The very next day, I’m at my buddy’s house getting bit up by mosquitoes and working on his transmission. The first time we did his transmission, I did all the work but this time around I made him do all the work. He knows how to do all of them now. Let me show you the creatures that bit him and I up….

We had a bit of fun too! I had Hoang pose for me. He decided to spread his legs to show off his hairy inner thighs=)

Of course I didn’t forget miscellaneous mug shots of the car itself.

I’m thrilled I have my last Wisdom tooth pulled out today. Five shots of the good stuff knocked me out (my whole face that is). I would imagine I will feel the pain once the good stuff subsides. I got cut up badly too! My Wisdom tooth was so nicely rooted the doctor was practically hanging from it during the whole extraction ordeal. I have a hole and some cuts- wonderful!

I’m a “gangsta” (lol). I was texting during the very moments of extraction=) It was funny looking at the doctors facial expression. There was a moment of bliss when I heard a crackling sound and all was done with the tooth encapsulated in the jaws of the doctor’s implement. Just wonderful!

He wrote a prescription for some YUM-O meds but I highly doubt I’ll fill them. I’m alright without them. I’m going to lose a pound or two because of this extraction. Good for me because I can fit in my groin contouring pant(s). Too bad I’ll have the pleasure of doing monkey work under an s2000 tomorrow. My friend pulled out the transmission after I helped him align it. He is a dork. On to braces. I hate my crooked smile. It’s only one tooth out of alignment but dammit, it annoys the heck out of me. Plus yellow isn’t my favorite color either!

If I remembered correctly, this book is about an American born of Persian/Iran descent. She had the love for Arabic history and was so captivated she had an arrange marriage back in the middle-east. It’s strange for a westerner to attempt to understand such a decision and even more strange to know that Iran was once happy with her decision.

Though born over in the US, she speaks fluent Arabic. Her husband despised her for the strength she had; emotionally and physically as an American woman in an Arabic world. Her marriage was on the fritz and during one of her broadcasting episodes, her manager asked to speak to her and told her she was too attractive for show biz. It couldn’t have came at a better time because she couldn’t take it anymore. Everything fell apart.

That’s all that I could gather during a live interview on talk radio. To further induce my pain, her book had to be ordered. Pity, I’d have to wait for 7 days till Borders can get their hands on my copy. They still will honor my 25% discount=) That definitely made me happy. I picked up “Gallows Theif by Bernard Cornwell“. I read a few of his books and I absolutely loved it. I have been meaning to purchase this book long while now. Used my 25% coupon + Borders’ savings and got it for $4.87. Score! This will have to satisfy me till “My Name Is Iran” arrives shortly.

I have been meaning to write a New Years Resolution for about a week now. I was talking to a girlfriend today and she mentioned it. I thought to figure what better reason than now to start my list of things that maybe can be improved.

I’ll start with the fact that I’m a little hasty on my iterations to pounce on things that tend to get on my nerves. I will correct that this year and limit or restraint myself completely. I will be more focused in everything. I already am but a little more fine tuning doesn’t hurt anyone; it will only improve. That’s all that I see when I look at faults of my own uprising. Wait, I’ll attempt to have a little heart every-now-n-then. I practically am heartless towards everything.

Forgiveness is not within my vocabulary for I seldom forgive anything. The reason it isn’t available to me is because I don’t have anything to forgive for. That is because I don’t have it within myself to even remotely think about what I’m suppose to revoke. I simply don’t care enough to forgive. Now to those that I actually do forgive, I’ve actually labored and put forth effort to rethink and mask what has perspired from when something has gone sour and why it did. For me to forgive, you must be at heart or very close to me. So with said effort, I will attempt to forgive more this year. I’m trying to be nice. So stop [sweat’n’] me.

I will come up with a list of things that I like most (favorite list). I seldom have anything on my favorite list. I do however, have two favorite songs: Madonna – Like A Virgin & Michael Jackson – Billy Jean Is Not My Lover. Both lead me to a speeding ticket. No wait, I have a favorite movie: Brave Heart=) Anywho, I’m going to attempt all said things.

Like A Virgin
[kml_flashembed movie=”http://youtube.com/watch?v=LeFhj94uSLI” width=”425″ height=”350″ wmode=”transparent” /]

Billy Jean is My Lover
[kml_flashembed movie=”http://www.youtube.com/v/c8aWc_4IVx0″ width=”425″ height=”350″ wmode=”transparent” /]

I’ve been so busy it’s unbelievable. I need to get back on track. I haven’t had time for myself for days on end. I swear, when it comes to family, I’m the bitch to all the queen bees of the hive. Then again, I’m known to be a bitcher. A cynical one at that if I might add. If things don’t go my way or something goes awry, I’ll bitch till the cows come home. I hardly bitch but dammit, when I do, don’t stand in the middle. I’ll bitch at god if it were possible but it isn’t so everything and anything in-between gets to feel my wrath of ill and decadent monologues of distaste while I exercise my unchecked powers over cronies and the likes.

I hate stupid people. You don’t have to hold a PH.D to be dumb but that doesn’t necessarily make you smart either. For example, four parking spaces of the drive way and you park in the middle. That deserves a bitching. A leaking bathroom the house keeper noticed and told the head queen bee- what the hell is she going to do about it? House keeper + queen bee both gets a bitching after I fix it with a $1.25 flapper. Flat tire on the highway, queen bee calls daughter queen bee- what the fuck is she going to be able to do. Who did they call after an hour of exhaustion of not knowing who else to call during the course of their plight? I fixed the problem… Guess who got a bitching? Got glass windows cleaned and didn’t ask for a quote. Got charged 400USD and paid it for cleaning 5 windows. Guess who got bitched at?

Friend of sibling walked in late at night and uses my bathroom with shoes on. Guess who got bitched at? The guess… It was sweet. I can account for at least 4 guests being downright bitched at by me. I called one dumb before… O crap, make that two. They don’t tread in their homes with shoes on, why the fuck would they do such a thing at someone else’s house? Get the drift? The hive all gained up on me and said I was wrong… I said “Who raised him- him being asian and all, that is a sign of disrespect.” and all shouting broke as ill silence fell over them.

OMG I was laughing my ass off! It couldn’t be anymore funnier than that=) If there was a community of Chinese people, Vietnamese people would be the niggers of that community (lol). Carlos Mencia is hilarious.