If I remembered correctly, this book is about an American born of Persian/Iran descent. She had the love for Arabic history and was so captivated she had an arrange marriage back in the middle-east. It’s strange for a westerner to attempt to understand such a decision and even more strange to know that Iran was once happy with her decision.

Though born over in the US, she speaks fluent Arabic. Her husband despised her for the strength she had; emotionally and physically as an American woman in an Arabic world. Her marriage was on the fritz and during one of her broadcasting episodes, her manager asked to speak to her and told her she was too attractive for show biz. It couldn’t have came at a better time because she couldn’t take it anymore. Everything fell apart.

That’s all that I could gather during a live interview on talk radio. To further induce my pain, her book had to be ordered. Pity, I’d have to wait for 7 days till Borders can get their hands on my copy. They still will honor my 25% discount=) That definitely made me happy. I picked up “Gallows Theif by Bernard Cornwell“. I read a few of his books and I absolutely loved it. I have been meaning to purchase this book long while now. Used my 25% coupon + Borders’ savings and got it for $4.87. Score! This will have to satisfy me till “My Name Is Iran” arrives shortly.