February 2008

I’m in need of some shelves in my garage atop my bench. My bench is littered with crap and I need the room to make it neat and more desirable to spend time out in the garage. I’ll make this out of metal. Possibly 1×1″ or 1×2″. I’m aiming towards the 1×1″ square tubing. there will be some welding and cutting… I’m free this weekend so I’ll tidy up the garage a bit.

Should have made sure that all grime and dust was wiped clean from my screen before I put it on… I guess I’ll live with it dammit. I have blotches on it because of small minute dust particles still trapped underneath! I should have been more careful =( No second tries on this one!

On the bright side, my phone is a lot more responsive so I guess that’s a trade off isn’t it? I like the rough smooth texture feeling of the surface though!

I saw it today while driving home… Thought it was pretty pretty cool! The guy looking at me when I took the photo looked like he was having oodles of fun! I just hope the paint vapor didn’t ruin my clear on my truck!

Finally purchased one… 25USD- what a great deal! I can use it to when I setup new computers, I don’t have to unplug my existing peripherals to plug into the new computer for setup. Been wanting one for a while now!