March 2007

I have a 30 gal Coleman compressor pn#: 1583009. At other sites, I read that this model has a 5.5hp motor- maybe at peak. That’s a bunch of horse manure. It’s rated at 1.5hr- written on the darn tank itself! Anywho, it’s too loud and annoying. I don’t want to invest in another tank because it’s useless- it will cost just as much as this upgrade will cost me. Well, this upgrade won’t cost me a lot because I already have spares all over the garage. A new 5hp motor would run 300 plus + compressor pump @ 200.

The only thing confusing me of this matter is the magnetic power switch(MPS). This turns on the motor to power the compressor pump via an air pressure switch (APS) set at a predetermined pressure. There are a lot of MPS around- ebay, just to name a few but I can’t find or just am confused about which one I need? The one I currently have is a Siemens Energy & Automation pn# 5530215 and it’s pictured below


When Looking at it, it’s one whole unit: (MPS) + (APS) together in one unit. The APS relays signal to the MPS to turn on when the pressure is below the predetermined PSI. My thought on this is that it’s a factory unit so to save space and money, Coleman used the Siemens unit. I know where to order the APS and the MPS. So the APS unit that I’ll be purchasing, has the pressure sensor in there and will kick on and send a signal to the MPS to turn on the motor. That makes a whole lot more sense because I was asking around for a MPS with an air inlet like the one I have on my Coleman.




I’m thinking the APS can be reused because it’s mechanical and I can probably hook it up to the new MPS I’ll be purchasing. If you look at the APS (the one attached to the black tubing), it’s essentially an enclosed box with a diaphragm inside to push on a mechancal switch to make the MPS make electrical contact and thus switching the motor on! Yippie! I think this project is doable. I can move this tank around and abroad if need be (with an additional 100lbs added +/-).

So it broke off. 1 out of 3 isn’t bad. I think the other two will fall off with time. I’m sure of it. I already see hairline cracks on the side of the end caps. I’m disappointed in this damn drill press. Everything else works great but Ryobi put on some crappy end caps for the capstan wheel. I think they need to improve on this. Or at least have some good QC over in China.

I fixed the problem without hesitation. Small piece of dowel drilled with a 9/16″ bit makes for a nice snug fit. I added some liquid nail inside the hole to make it adhere to the capstan. I hope it works! The liquid nail I’m currently using, really isn’t that good as the stuff coming out of the caulk gun.






Click Here for video

I was doing my oil change today and I had all the materials needed. I usually buy things in threes. Three bottles of oil, filters, pooh paper, rubbing alcohol, etc. So I’m good for three oil changes but I was on my last one so I got to go shopping again! Anywho, I share the same filter as the Lexus IS300 and lets just say I ordered a lot of these filters. Fram of course. I’ll use Motor Craft or Purolator filters too so it’s all good.

Anywho, I had two Purolator filters for my old Ford Ranger sitting around and I’m like “it’s bigger and it’s got to filter more since it’s bigger” so I used it instead. Works out well. Quite peachy too! I used Camero filters for my Mazda Mx6. Those filters made the OEM Mazda filters look puny. It worked better too! Couldn’t complain. So I’m implying and exercising the same theory on my Tacoma. “Should work!” I’ll see within 3 more months. My used oils come out pretty clean anywho. No worries here! I’m going to require a photo tomorrow but it’s too dark at night for one now!

Edit: Photo Taken. See how ginormous this filter is? It’s twice the length of the old filter.


Yippie! I’ve always wanted one of these suckers too! I blame it on my little niece for giving I the the fine opportunity to purchase one. When I work with my hands, I tend to be precise and accurate- I try dammit! Have you drilled a hole and needed it to be straight and plumb? Try doing that with a hand drill and you ain’t near perfect! It’s usually a hair off to the left or to the right but not exactly what you specify for. This is a Ryobi Model: DP102L. I have No idea what the differences between a 10″ and a 12″ drill press are. I noticed a slight difference in height size (if I recall) but the horizontal reach or the distance from the chuck to the support beam is the same. That is why my eyeballs tell me and I’m sticking to it.

Anywho, I can drill and mill. Loving it! I need a milling attachment so I can mill little ornate pieces out of aluminum or metal when the need arises. This is the coolyest tool I have yet purchased (lately besides my welder (2001 I think?) which I’m getting ready to purchase an aluminum conversion kit for it- when I’m rich) besides my clamp which you can clearly see it being attached besides the drill press. The clamp loves sitting there waiting for me to play with it, squeeze it, play with it, clamp it (LOL).

I’ve been waiting for this domain forever! Ever since I got (Jan. 2005) it never broke ground on all the sweet plans I had for it when *.com wasn’t available. *.net isn’t that attractive and I was afraid that if I did start using it, people will mistakenly go to *.com instead of *.net. So I waited and waited and finally came upon this domain again because my buddies required a website that they can access to upload their misc. files and be able to grab them whenever they needed them in school. So it reminded me of which I still retained and so I did a quick check-up on the *.com extension hoping it would now be available! It is now and it’s all MINE MINE MINE! Yippie!

I’m using the same script as when I started with *.net but now I guess the author updated his script but with errors still. It’s okay, I’ll have my coders take a good whack at it to iron out all the rough edges. Not to mention I’m running php5 so that will complicate things a little since the script was written in php4. I simply can’t wait. I’m so SO excited! Good things come to those who wait… Not so frequent but it does happen sometimes. Today it did=)

This domain is dedicated only to Saint Petersburg College (SPC) for now. Baby steps for starters and we’ll see where this leads I to. I do visit sometimes but it’s not exactly a free service plus it’s not focused on SPC solely. I want SPC to stand out a bit plus I believe this website will hep a lot of students out. I know for sure I could have sold all my books for cheap… Ironically, the bookstore would purchase my books back but at a shitty rate. If I had a choice, I would rather sell my books to another student at a shitty rate than rather have the bookstore purchase mine and “resell” it at a higher rate to the same student I could of been “heaven” to. It’s logic – students – helping – students. Do you know how efficient it is to resell your books to another student? Easy! Just exchange numbers and meet at the school library for example!

I also want this to be an atmosphere for free speech. Rate your professors on their teaching skills and demeanor. This would also serve as a grounds for improvement on the professors part if they cared enough. This isn’t a saloon so I would want all students to act professionally and have no shame leaving an honest opinion. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion whether it be asked or not. All students applying for an account will follow the strict username scheme: firstnameLastnameinitial and vice versa. For example: Jane Doe would apply for an account under the following schemes: JaneD and or DoeJ.

I think I want to integrate a blog system on here too. Maybe it will relieve some tension or may be a cool way to express and share ideas between other students. Who knows, the sky is the limit.

Always wanted one… Now I got one. Nice and cheap. I must have passed the very same isle and tool section in Lowes and Home Depot so so many times wondering why in the hell I didn’t pick it up. I like the normongous ones too. The ones that weigh 50 or more lbs? That’s just too much for me to handle plus I don’t do the type of work that will requires me to use something that massive. This small one fits my budget and workbench just nicely. I can mount this sucker anywhere around the edges of my work bench. Pretty peachy huh?!


I’m going to use this so much and love it so tenderly. I can attest to the countless of times I wished I had a clamp to hold something stupid down or maybe press something into another. Now I feel manly. I have my blue clamp and my workbench. I love my workbench too! I think I need to unscrew it off the damn wall and level it. It’s not level because garages are made with a downgrade pitch so water will “flow” out and not in. Drives me up the wall when it’s not leveled.

I’m helping my buddy swap a Honda Prelude motor (h22 OBDI) into his Honda Civic (1994 DX Hatch I believe). I convinced him to go buy a crane all the while saying to myself “I know who to ask when I need a motor crane muahahahah”. I’m evil and loving it! Anywho, his civic is a mess. Some ghetto and some half-assed. Pretty VC if you asked me. The crane made the job so much much easier. His idea was pretty lame (doing the swap that is). He wanted to use a jack to lower and lift the engine and transmission in place. I told him I don’t want to crawl around like bitches so made him get the crane. He was talking about some stupid idea of dropping the car onto the motor. Good idea if you had couple of jacks and some way to shimmy the engine/trans around so you can align things up (especially the motor mounts). I’ve seen it done before on some TV show but I digress… TV and VC is totally different in style. You still get there at the end but as a result, there is an easy way and a hard way. Hard way shouldn’t be connected to stupidity although it almost always seems like it.

Anywho, I took a plethora of photos and I don’t know how the hell i’m going to post them! I know the before and after photos are most important because the show drastic change. That day was a little hectic for me too. I had to watch my nephew (I enjoy watching my little boogers) but that meant bringing him along. He was a good kid. Played and asked a lot of questions until you go sick of it.

H22 OBDI when shipped: Engine and Transmission were still intact.

Before The Swap:

Taking The Engine & Transmission Out As One Unit:

This is my buddy Hieu. H needs to cut his damn hair!

racing : h22 swap : civic h22 : Civic engine bay : h22 motor : h22 transmission : h22 prelude : OBDI Civic ecu

My fault for not saying “I like you” in person. My fault for staying many steps behind. My fault. It has brought to my conclusion that the one I so fervently loved, once had feelings for me. It changes very little over the coarse of time how I feel about her nor does it inspire anything within me to know how she felt. She stated the obvious but for some reason, I wonder why she didn’t bother trying herself. It takes two to tango.

I wasn’t given any cue or any hints as to what would and what could. Things are the way they are once set in stone. I was told distinctly how I should carry myself around her. To only be her friend and no more. To not frighten her with my proclaimed love towards her no farther. I was given the ultimatum: friend or no friend at all. I of course, chose friend over no friend. I was reluctant she would be my friend but we never really talked anyways. Never had the concept of friendship anywho.

So it’s my fault for not pursuing someone that has denied me of any attempt from the moment I admitted my feelings within. It’s my fault still, even after she found out that I wanted her in natures beyond friendship and that she had profound feelings for me yet never said a word; no hint, nothing. So how am I suppose to carry myself and be just a friend when she knowingly told me specifically not to love her because it ills her to know so. It’s saying no but in actuality, it means yes. How on earth am I supposed to know that? Do I look telepathic? It’s wishing on an omen but you don’t know what the outcome is.

I believe I was manly about it. I loved her and she denied me. So I continued to love her but in secrecy. I never once made her feel awkward or obligated in forms that will bring chills down your spine when someone does that to you. We all have experienced it. Someone has an affinity towards you and you cannot return the same to them and when they act up or become weird towards you, you feel awkward in ways that will ultimately push you away and friendship is out of the question. I acted accordingly. My fault for not being sweet or talkative because my views on this subject matter is that I wanted to leave her a lone and not bother her. That’s what you do when someone specifically tells you that what you are doing is an affliction towards their mental health. She had an epiphany and her feelings swayed towards mine yet never told me or did anything about them.

I don’t think we will date necessarily because we are two different people. Not exactly made for one another. However, she’s a delicate gal and I think that’s what caught my attention. Anywho she enjoyed our conversation we had and I too. She said we should be more fervent towards each other because we are good friends. I agree, we should. I’m a person that is very chatty. It is only when the other person wants to chat too is when we can both be chatty.

I’ve been exercising a lot lately. I guess I want some tits and abs. Real real bad! So i’m doing something about my fat roles plus I want to fit it my cock hugging pant(s). It really helps when you get thongs for free:) I give myself 3 months to do 5 miles a day. I use to be able to do 3 miles a day without a sweat until I got lazy. Hey winter time was cold and my nipples might fall off! You wouldn’t find that attractive!

“The love you have given to me is instilled in my body, my blood, my being. ” -Mi

Isn’t that the love I’ve given enough? Does it cast shadows for doubts spite the tree with spirited love who’s roots are deep with iron for nails and lava for blood to insinuate for folly that follows for the stubborn girl stuck in a maze? Let I not cast the first stone for I have no mortal sin. Flesh of my flesh and blood of all bloods leave trail for cinder as The ashes mixed with pigment and intertwine like lively wine; a class of Pinot Noir I guess for all and forever more. A trail of death as droplets form of rosie hue as the saints play then now where a hollow husk lays benign like unrefined wine for all to swiss and swiss and spit.

Says I, prefer that Cabernet else wouldn’t I taste such flavory. For morsels so tender in texture vexes me to such extent. To have or not to have, that is a dignified question of moral seclusion. Says I, I’ll one here or maybe thrice! I liquored man I am dine such a meal on savory wine. No one knew how kind or perhaps how blind I was. For preferences, that sly devil on Prada heels, soon gives instincts for casting stones that shatter and break my now weakened bones.

Alone I parade with my own charade. One man one heart now shopping without a cart. To fill empty space within my heart with all the love I’ve stole leaves me a little smart. A black hole I say. Been shopping all day five-finger-discounts all over to make me stay. No matter how much I’ve stole, it doesn’t seem enough. I’m lost with words my love. I’m lost without you. The apple of my eye.

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