Yippie! I’ve always wanted one of these suckers too! I blame it on my little niece for giving I the the fine opportunity to purchase one. When I work with my hands, I tend to be precise and accurate- I try dammit! Have you drilled a hole and needed it to be straight and plumb? Try doing that with a hand drill and you ain’t near perfect! It’s usually a hair off to the left or to the right but not exactly what you specify for. This is a Ryobi Model: DP102L. I have No idea what the differences between a 10″ and a 12″ drill press are. I noticed a slight difference in height size (if I recall) but the horizontal reach or the distance from the chuck to the support beam is the same. That is why my eyeballs tell me and I’m sticking to it.

Anywho, I can drill and mill. Loving it! I need a milling attachment so I can mill little ornate pieces out of aluminum or metal when the need arises. This is the coolyest tool I have yet purchased (lately besides my welder (2001 I think?) which I’m getting ready to purchase an aluminum conversion kit for it- when I’m rich) besides my clamp which you can clearly see it being attached besides the drill press. The clamp loves sitting there waiting for me to play with it, squeeze it, play with it, clamp it (LOL).