August 2008

This case is good for what it’s used for but it only has one 120MM fan in the back. My computer was overheating and it actually ruined the CPU paste. So I took it upon myself to cut another hole on the side of the case.

I was contemplating on why one tire I repaired for Mimi leaked and now I have found out the reason why it leaked. The nail that punctured her tire entered in an angle and when I put the plugĀ  in, it was perpendicular to the tire. So the nail I pulled out still had the gap and leaked. I basically created a new hole and plugged it (red bar in photo) hoping to resolve some darn issue lol. That’s a first!

I visited LA, California for the very first time and I had a fabulous time. On a connecting flight, I met a woman whom looked like my friend’s (Mimi) mother. We talked for a good half hour and I took a photo with her. She’s a teacher helping inmates to get their GED. I thought that was wonderful what she did. Her name is Mary.

LA is too robust for me. Too fast, too MUCH for me to handle. I like Florida. Florida is my home. LA is a nice place to visit once in a while but if I had to live there, I would go crazy! Well maybe I’m over exaggerating because I don’t live there, I ‘Partied’ there and so It seems a little too fast for me. I do like the shops there though. We all went to get foot massages for 15USD an hour. OMG that’s darn cheap!!! I would love to do that everyday! There are a lot of brothels there too! Happy endings galore! Surprising how they don’t get caught so easily as the ones over here.

I have no idea what it means but it comes with subtitles:) All I know is that it’s Hmong and I found it searching for something else=)

Mi Noog