These Designs Were Made By Me. They are a permanent testament to my Photoshop Honing Skills. Some are easy to do and some are very artistic (i guess). If you decide to use any of these and get beat-up by your peers, made fun of, or injured mentally and or physically, it’s your own damn fault! Have fun!

Another note worth mentioning is that if you were to actually use these designs, you would need to flip the image horizontally (e.g back is facing at you and face is down) so the prints come out correct!


05/17/2007: Added You May Have My Nuts
05/18/2007: Added Ninjas Kick Ass
05/20/2007: Added own_bitches
05/21/2007: Added Dick Inside
05/21/2007: Added No MA’AM
05/22/2007: I Love CU(dick)
05/22/2007: I Love CHIM(pussy)
06/09/2007: Sex Me Please
07/02/2008: Yeah, This Is How I Rule!
07/02/2008: C7 Inside
07/03/2008: Warning! STalker!