Colloidal Silver

I have been using a glass beaker (4000ML) to make ionic silver. Once completed, I would heat up the beaker and convert it to colloidal silver. Needless to say, it cracked and there goes a gallon of colloidal silver down the drain. I saw it coming long while back because there were small minute hairline cracks visible on the bottom of the beaker – it was only time! I’m not going to be purchasing another one b/c that beaker was a pain in the butt to move around. I’m using gallon plastic pitchers at Walmart to be the vessel in which ends will meet. It’s been working out nicely might I add. I’m using a presto fryer to heat up my water. Works great! Wish I had done this years ago!

EDIT 6PM: I use to make my ionic silver then heat it up in the 4000ml beaker to convert it to colloidal silver. I would start by heating a gallon of distilled water up first for 8 minutes @ 400F so it’s warm but not scolding HOT, then run the generator for 80minutes to produce 20PPM CS. This has been the most consistent batch of CS I’ve made so far because I had absolutely no floating silver in the solution. I will continue this process because using the glass beaker was more of a balance act. I’m making some beautiful colloidal silver and I’m absolutely thrilled about it!!! I’m having some new wonderful ideas on making a new generator soon!

I was just experimenting just for kicks and used table salt with hot tap water. It turned out clear and left my anode with something that is less desirable. What’s that yellow stuff?

2013-04-04 01.28.35

Had some extra time this week to install a SS tube to use and agitate my CS setup. The result was satisfying none the less. I found that I needed less washing soda to lower the required voltage (0.75ml vs 2.5ml) to produce CS and I am happy because of it. Cheers!

2013-04-02 11.42.02

Doesn’t look bad at all. Taste exactly like vitamin C.

-Health maintenance dose: 1 gram (1 tablespoon) per day (800 mg absorbed)

-Healing Dose: 5 grams (5 table spoons) per day (4 grams absorbed)

-Emergency Dose: 12.5 grams (12.5 tablespoons) per day (10 grams absorbed)

I made one gallon of colloidal silver at 80ppm so that I may dilute it into 5 gallons; thus resulting in 5gal of 20ppm colloidal silver. Honestly, I could make 10 gallons of colloidal silver at 8.888ppm if I wanted to. Colloidal silver that is 2-5ppm kills the majority of the bugs the general public has issues with (cold, fever, flu etc). I will be the first to take a sip of this colloidal silver tomorrow and see how the quality is.

Pepper has parasites in her body b/c she is rubbing her butt all over the floor. So she’ll brave the CS with her daddy 😉 She’s a tough cookie like her daddy! I bet she won’t mind killing all the tummy parasites so she doesn’t have to use the floor to scratch her butt.

Everyone is poking fun at my colloidal silver but when they are sick and try out my water of life, they are simply another colloidal silver believer! That’s awesome, don’t ya think? I’m going to preach as I usually do and have colloidal silver as a center piece in my parasitic-viralitic-bacterialitic regime.

32ml cinnamon, 5ml washing soda

I am really enjoying myself making a good product. Better than anything I can buy online. I haven’t tasted it yet but I’m sure it will taste good b/c I can smell the cinnamon coming off of it!

20PPM = 2L CS + 2L DW = 1gal 10PPM
20PPM = 1L CS + 2L DW = 3L 10PPM
60PPM = 1L CS + 3.5L = 1gal 20ppm
60PPM = 4L CS + 16L(4gallons) = 5gal 15PPM
80PPM = 4L CS + 16L(4gallons) = 5gal 20ppm
80PPM = 4L CS + 36L(9gallons) =  10gal 8.8PPM
80PPM = 4L CS + 76L(19gallons) = 20gal 4.21PPM

320PPM = 250ml CS + 3750ml = 1gal 21ppm
320PPM = 500ml CS + 19.5L (4.625Gallons) = 5gal 8.2PPM

80PPM = 1tbsp (15ml) CS + 237ml (8oz water aka glass water) = 5ppm
—Every 15ml = 5ppm. 30ml = 10ppm diluted in a glass of water

20PPM = 8tbsp (120ml) CS + 237ml water = 10ppm

Dilution of 2:5 ratio:
*500ml 20ppm = 2PPM blood dilution
*1000ml 10ppm = 2PPM blood dilution
*250ml 40ppm = 2PPM blood dilution

Cinnamon extract:
100ml vodka
Coffee Filter
1 tsp cinnamon powder
Make ‘tea bag’ of cinn.
Soak bag in 100ml vodka for 2 days
Remove and discard bag

Assuming 100% absorption:
*500ml 20ppm
*1000ml 10ppm
*250ml 40ppm

Colloidal Silver Production: 300mins/ma = minutes:
1 oz silver, 32volts, 1000ml DW, 20PPM:
@1ma = 300mins = 5hr cook time
@2ma = 150mins = 2.5hr cook time
@5ma = 60mins = 1hr cook time
@6ma = 50mins cook time
@10ma = 30mins cook time
@15ma = 20mins cook time
@20ma = 15mins cook time

1 oz silver, 32volts, 1000ml DW, 15ma:
5PPM = 5mins cook time
10PPM = 10mins cook time
15PPM = 15mins cook time
20PPM = 20mins = 1hr 20mins cook time
30PPM = 30mins = 2hrs cook time
60PPM = 60mins cook time
80PPM = 80mins cook time

1 oz silver, 32volts, 4000ml DW, 5ma:
5PPM = 1hr cook time
10PPM = 2hr cook time
15ppm = 3hrs cook time
20PPM = 4hrs 20mins cook time
30PPM = 6hrs cook time
60PPM = 12hrs cook time
80PPM = 16hrs cook time

1 oz silver, 32volts, 4000ml DW, 10ma:
5PPM = 30mins cook time
10PPM = 1hr cook time
15ppm = 1.5hrs cook time
20PPM = 2hrs 20mins cook time
30PPM = 3hrs cook time
60PPM = 6hrs cook time
80PPM = 8hrs cook time

1 oz silver, 32volts, 4000ml DW, 15ma: (mins/20mins) x 5ppm = ppm:
—1tsp (3.5ml) corn syrup for anything under 30PPM.
———Anything above 30PPM use cinnamon extract instead
—0.5tsp (2.5ml) washing soda
5PPM = 20mins cook time
10PPM = 40mins cook time
15PPM = 60mins cook time
20PPM = 80mins = 1hr 20mins cook time
30PPM = 120mins = 2hrs cook time
60PPM = 4hrs cook time w/ 32ml/2tbsp cinnamon
80PPM = 5:20 cook time w/ 32ml/2tbsp cinnamon
320PPM = 21:20 /w 128ml(1/2 cup) cinnamon


1 oz silver, 32volts, 4000ml DW, 20ma: (mins/30mins) x 10ppm = ppm:
5PPM = 15mins cook time
10PPM = 30mins cook time
20PPM = 60mins cook time
30PPM = 90mins cook time
60PPM = 180mins = 3hrs cook time
80PPM = 240mins = 4hrs
320PPM =  960mins = 16hrs

A Cure for Argyria: The Formula
3 Vitamin E 1000 mg 100% Natural d-alpha Tocopheryl
1 Selenium 100 mcg yeast free
2 vegetarian Vitamin C 1000 mg
1 teaspoon MSM organic
1 super potency Vitamin B 100,
1 teaspoon of Kelp powder

Taken every morning with 2 16 oz glasses of water, with close to 3/4 of a gallon drinking water a day.




I have no idea what I did but I’m assuming that I heat cleaned the anode and cathode and without having it cool down, it went straight into the DW. I did nothing different this time either and the end result is dumping the CS down the drain. In the beginning it was a beautiful yellow of 20-30PPM, then it turned to burgundy, then teal… FOUL!

UPDATE: I just got word that syrup is not good for anything above 20PPM. Cinnamon extract it is!!! That will take 2 days to make cinnamon extract! Bummer!

To make cinnamon extract

100ml vodka
Coffee Filter
1 tsp cinnamon powder
Make ‘tea bag’ of cinn.
Soak bag in 100ml vodka for 2 days
Remove and discard bag


I’m using a 4000ml glass beaker and fortunately my Pyrex lid that I had sitting around, fits that beaker perfectly! I’ve been meaning to construct a box for my generator for awhile now and I have finally came up with an idea to put it all together.

The box is made of pine wood with a hole cut in it and the lid stapled securely to the outer edges. Made the sides plus the lid. All I need now is to piece together the electronics that I currently have and install the hinges for the lid and call it DONE!

From Left to Right(32v supply): italic = currently wired
33k resistor = 1ma
6k resistor = 5ma (soon)
3k resistor = 10ma
2.2k resistor = 15ma
1.5K = 20ma (soon)

20PPM below


To Make Liposomal Vitamin C

1) 1cup (250ml) water 2 tbsp (30ml) vitamin C

2) 2cups (500ml) water + 6tbps (90ml) lecithin

3) Blend together in a blender and pour into ultrasonic cleaner for 8mins (480sec)

Compare The Facts:

      • 1,000 mg vitamin C tablet or capsule
        Absorption 19% = 190 mg into blood stream
      • 1,000 mg liposomal vitamin C (1 tsp)
        Absorption 93% = 930 mg into blood stream


      • You can get incredible amounts into the blood stream without the risk of diarrhea which will occur long before you can absorb even 1,500 mg into the blood stream from traditional tablets or capsules.
      • The ease of use, taking small amounts of a pleasant tasting liquid instead of several large capsules, is a significant factor for many.

8 fl. oz. (48 grams of liposomal vitamin C)
– Each ounce of liposomal vitamin C contains 6-8 grams of vitamin C (~IV).
– Each tablespoonful of liposomal vitamin C contains 3 grams of vitamin C.
– Each teaspoonful of liposomal vitamin C contains 1,000 mg of vitamin C.
– 3-4days left outside (week if in fridge)

Health maintenance dose: 1 gram (1 tablespoon) per day (800 mg absorbed)

Healing Dose: 5 grams (5 table spoons) per day (4 grams absorbed)

Emergency Dose: 12.5 grams (12.5 tablespoons) per day (10 grams absorbed)


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