April 2007

Got to fit in my crotch hugging pant this weekend… Dieting Dieting! I can do it I can do it!

What an amazing feat! Technology in bridge building and structural integrity of it, is freak’n awesome! Uber cool!

Sweet isn’t exactly my nature. Sweetness in subtle nature is sweetness to one’s core. So demanding. I want to make it work but it has gotten sour by the looks of it. Sometimes a [thank you] should be understood and rather not spoken. I’m not a vocal person when it comes to etiquette. The person should know well that my blessings are to to have their company- isn’t that enough? Not enough for others but enough for me. There is an odd ideology to this deep understanding but I digress and not everyone should understand.

I knew in the beginning that with our matching nature to transcend our feelings to the roots of the earth, no one shall give leeway: none shall give leeway towards each other. One misunderstanding will lead to more misjudgments and result in two egos clashing into one another with neither side complementing each other- stalemate. No compromises. I’m a hardy person- both people are hardy by nature. Each holds their own.

When theses situations arise, I walk away. She walked away first. Now I’m walking away. Do I care? Of course I did but to that point suddenly there was a dip. Now I don’t have the apathy to care no longer. I have foreseen this. Thus why I have not committed. True if you love someone, you will change gradually for the better of both parties- it’s natural but time waits for no one. I wait for no one. I rinsed my hands and dusted my feet. I am done.

“You are calm. You’ve ached for me of no good reason. Now that I’ve helped you strengthen your heart, decide what you want of of me. Make this decision wise as ever. You now can receive my love.”

Just friends; heartening yes but it is for the best for fools are left with nothing.

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I was bored… Wanted to use my drill press and drill something. I had .375″ thick aluminum plate just waiting to be drilled. It was so cool! Drilled two holes to be exact! First one wasn’t recorded but the second one was. I like how the aluminum shavings would swirl in circles. Clean-up was a breeze too! I’m starting to like my drill press a lot!

I swear there are a lot of ignorant drivers out there. I read his lips and he said something to the extent of “You Fucking Asshole” etc bla bla bla. Why may you ask? Because he’s a jack-ass no good for nothing ignorant son-of-a-bitch! He thinks I should give him right-of-way just because he’s been sitting for 30 seconds trying to turn left.

First of all, you have to realize this is a two lane and second, I’m in more danger stopping and turning simply because it’s a two lane road! Not to mention the traffic that I’ll be hold up just to make the turn! I don’t like to be held up when people turn and I’m sure others don’t either. So you try if all possible, when making a turn like I am, to not completely stop unless it’s necessary. We’ve all been in this situation. Hell what makes it ironic is I’ve been in that guys shoes (the yellow car) before. Trying to make a left onto on-coming traffic. I get help up too when someone needs to turn in. Sometimes I’m sitting like him for a good minute but you don’t see me flicking people off and calling people names! Seriously, … WTF?

BTW I’m the dark blue car trying to turn-in into a shopping plaza. Jackass is the yellow car. He needs a chill pill dammit. I see drivers like him ALL the time! Getting mad for no apparent reason(s). When I’m on the road, I let shit like this “SLIDE” just because’. You never know what kinda phsyco you’ll meet head-to-head with. You could lose a life over something just as stupid if not even damn retarded like this. Cut me off? Flick me off? Honk at me for no reason? Let it slide! Not worth it! Only time I honk is when I’m almost to the point of being ran over or to let someone know they can come into my lane followed with a courteous wave of the hand of course.

The women in the house like to walk outside for a few seconds and leave the door wide open for no apparent reason. I ask them what is the nature on why they need the door open? They don’t know or are just all claiming to play coy to avoid a bitching… Why must I bitch? Because of this sucker:

There seems to be an influx of mosquitoes when the women are running to and fro to their car at night. I don’t get it? Why leave the damn door open when you are going to run out real quick? Makes no sense. Leaving the door open is similar to the door being a lighthouse with a large beacon to lead them back into the house else they’d get lost? That’s my take on it so I’ll stick to it. OMG drives me crazy. They don’t have to deal with all the bugs and mosquitoes- I have to because the office is right by the front door. Women!

I made a video of me drilling into a dowel. I forgot what kind of wood it is but it’s some sort of hard oak. Reason I like this type of wood is because it’s very dense and hard. Had a reason to play with my drill press really. I fixed an existing Capstan with this drilled dowel. Works!

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Ryobi Model: DP102L : Drilling Video : Ryobi Drilling Video : Drill Press Video

Again, I was at Lowes and was looking into purchasing a brad nailer. Build bird houses and etc. I originally picked a Hitachi NT50AE2 to use for miscellaneous projects. This model shoots 2″ brad nails and I’m thinking to myself, “Do I really need something like such?”.

So I asked the associate that was helping me at the time for his recommendation(s). He asked me what I was using it for and if it was for everyday usage and I said just bird houses etc every now-n-then. He said, “The hell you buying this for??! This model shoots 2″ brad nails and it’s way too expensive for making bird houses for your type of use”. He gave it to me straight. Made sense because the Hitachi model costs 80USD while the Black*Decker costs 20USD less. If I were to use it for everyday use, he would recommend the Hitachi for longevity and quality but since I’m not using it everyday, I’ll buy the cheapo one. Basically he saved me a lot of money and so I drove on home all happy and thinking about how proud I am that I saved so much mula!

Can’t knock on BLACK&DECKER now… They aren’t that bad. I know because I had owned a drill made by them before. It was an 18V drill that lasted for a good 4 years until the battery went bad. I could have purchased a new battery but that would have been almost half the price of a new one. Figured 4 years of reliable use- errh, I deserve a new drill. At that time, I had the first Firestorm 18V drills BLACK&DECKER came out with. On a side note, they do make Dewalts, you know,… the drills we all want but can’t afford? I personally don’t care for Dewalts. I’m very satisfied with my Ryobi. Hell almost everything I have is made by Ryobi.

EDIT: 12/23/07
I like this better than my Porter Cable brad nailer. My brother gave me it and it works good, packs a nice punch- literally! I ear drums are in pain! The Black&Decker is smooth and accurate; very nice to my ear drums and has not failed me. Though the associate said to purchase this liberal usage; I have used this everyday and I love it more than my Porter Cable. Light and fits my fancy!

What? I was in-line paying for a clamp that seems to be pretty good quality. So curious as to know where it’s made, I started to play with it and see if there is any verbage that will relate it to the maker. Sure enough, it said, “MADE IN GERMANY”. Is that at all possible? So I asked one of the associates just to poke fun, “Why is this from German and not China? I thought all this SH*T was from China?”. He laughed-we laughed, it was amusing! It’s pretty well made mind you! For something that cost 5USD, it isn’t cheap and flimsy like the ones you get from China.

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