The women in the house like to walk outside for a few seconds and leave the door wide open for no apparent reason. I ask them what is the nature on why they need the door open? They don’t know or are just all claiming to play coy to avoid a bitching… Why must I bitch? Because of this sucker:

There seems to be an influx of mosquitoes when the women are running to and fro to their car at night. I don’t get it? Why leave the damn door open when you are going to run out real quick? Makes no sense. Leaving the door open is similar to the door being a lighthouse with a large beacon to lead them back into the house else they’d get lost? That’s my take on it so I’ll stick to it. OMG drives me crazy. They don’t have to deal with all the bugs and mosquitoes- I have to because the office is right by the front door. Women!