Sweet isn’t exactly my nature. Sweetness in subtle nature is sweetness to one’s core. So demanding. I want to make it work but it has gotten sour by the looks of it. Sometimes a [thank you] should be understood and rather not spoken. I’m not a vocal person when it comes to etiquette. The person should know well that my blessings are to to have their company- isn’t that enough? Not enough for others but enough for me. There is an odd ideology to this deep understanding but I digress and not everyone should understand.

I knew in the beginning that with our matching nature to transcend our feelings to the roots of the earth, no one shall give leeway: none shall give leeway towards each other. One misunderstanding will lead to more misjudgments and result in two egos clashing into one another with neither side complementing each other- stalemate. No compromises. I’m a hardy person- both people are hardy by nature. Each holds their own.

When theses situations arise, I walk away. She walked away first. Now I’m walking away. Do I care? Of course I did but to that point suddenly there was a dip. Now I don’t have the apathy to care no longer. I have foreseen this. Thus why I have not committed. True if you love someone, you will change gradually for the better of both parties- it’s natural but time waits for no one. I wait for no one. I rinsed my hands and dusted my feet. I am done.