So, I beamed a question to this person noticeable speaking above, … and anywho let’s just say she rocked my morning! She is selling a business card slitter. A 4up Sun slitter. I know what it is but she thinks I’m dull? 4up means to cut either 9×12″ or 8×11″ sheet of stock into business cards 4 at a time in strips of 3.5″ by what ever length you so desire. Some machines will only utilize 8×11″ but go figure, “I don’t know the difference”… :::sigh:::

She is selling it with this much detail specified:

How the hell are you going to sell anything with such little information to go by? No model number? Only one crappy photo? I find this person rude and very unprofessional. Here is her reply to my inquiry:

“If you don’t know the specifications, you don’t need it.”- HOLY MOLIE! Yeah, she definitely made my day. It was uplifting! Yah!

I’ve been meaning to make a CAT for this and she was my inspiration. +1 under “Make My Day Bitch”!