January 2016

I didn’t like the ones I saw for sale – they weren’t that sturdy looking. I bought this one off a guy for $40 and I swear, it cost more than that to make it! This thing is a beast! It can hold fridges and transport some heavy stuff! It needs some TLC though!

2016-01-24 11.54.54

The welds don’t look too beefy but then again, it’s 12 gauge thick material so I wouldn’t expect large welds to began with. The wood boards are a little worn so I’ll be replacing those with some quality pieces plus  a another metal tube under it for better support. This thing weights a good O maybe 30-35lbs – it’s not heavy by all means but really awkward to carry thus it feels heavy to man-handle into the hitch. I’m really liking this cargo carrier for some heavy hog work! I can transport my generator and pressure washer without having to lift so high. The only annoying thing about this is inserting the pin to lock it in place – there isn’t any room plus you have to guess where the hole is and readjust to get it right.

This came tagging along – 30+ miles!
2016-01-24 11.54.47

This was also purchased online for $75. This is an XTRA LARGE crate and perfect size for my beagle. Sometimes I gotta go places and I can leave her in here all day to stretch and relax and not have to feel so cramped. Plus she can potty in here.
2016-01-20 19.37.52
2016-01-21 20.47.29