December 2006

I forgot who it was that I was listening to but it was the program aired 6pm-9PM M-F so I’m assuming it was Sean Hannity (the host). I’ll make corrections once I find them. Funny how I thought this was so important that I actually jotted down notes. Knew the network, knew what he said but forgot the darn host’s name.Anywho, I’m quite disturbed on what the host said that evening. He was talking about having the rights to destroy your own life if you wanted to and that it was in your full unrestrained rights to exercise so. Incidentally, he inadvertently jumped to the topic of organs and how he would like to sell them. What the hell is the host smoking? He said that if it were possible, and I paraphrase, “I have two kidneys, I can sell one”. This guy is full of manure that night. “More organs available.” Damn Straight it would be more but at what cost?

I’m sure if it were legalized, people wouldn’t be on long lists for organ donors and that it would save a lot of lives but have you ever thought of the possibility of people making a business out of this? Look on the bright side, a dead body is worth 200k because of all the “parts” that can be salvaged to sell (oops save) to the ones needing them. In America, we had a few ghouls that actually stole and forged death certificates to have rights to “harvest” and profit from it. They were caught of course. I can’t remember the person but he was a multi-millionaire because of it (lived in California). Guess where he worked at? A funeral home=) Need an organ but found out after transplant that it was cancerous or diseased? The ghouls don’t care about quality, only quantity.

Just think, you are a healthy man or woman walking down the Las Vegas strip. Someone pulls you in a corner and sedates you. Puts you on ice, takes a kidney or two, a heart or three, and maybe a few eyeballs and some veins. Sews you up, throws you on ice again and you are left to die a slow painful death- it has happened. That is what I think shall happen if you can legally sell your organs. It’s not the same as selling one of your testicles for research for a whopping 75k- that’s a different story. Here is an interesting read: google search

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I thought the execution of ex-president Saddam Hussein was rather archaic. When I heard the news on the radio a few days ago, I thought he was going to be either shot by a brigade of gunman or electrocuted when reports say “Saddam is going to be hanged”. Of course, I didn’t realize they meant it literally.

An execution is an execution but doing the hang man’s dance isn’t exactly what I had expected. None-the-less, it’s over. By dying or imprisonment doesn’t mean you’ve made amends to atrocities you’ve manhandled. No such punishment is fit for anyone but an eye for an eye buries the hatchet somewhat and gives closing to the ones affected.

As I lie and watched the last episode of “Fresh Prince of Bel Air”, I was a little sad that it was ending (or so I’m lead to believe). The last episode (I believed it was or close to it) showed the family selling the house and moving up state. It was a sad episode. I felt it was apart of me too- the house that was, that held all the sweet and quirky memories of the Bank’s family.

I wonder to myself, “when shall I move out?,” but of course, I don’t think I’ll have that opportunity. As i have lived and grown over here in the US for more than a decade, culture is quite different here. I can relate to this vast assembly of varied intertwining of build-up and separation of bonds within these blue skies of ever changing theme. Though as much as I would like to adopt it, I cannot.

Family is a very large “chunk” of my daily life. I can’t imagine moving out unless it’s either conflicting with education, business, and unions. Than again, even if I was presented with all three possibilities, I do not think there will be realm of possibilities for my choosing. I simply do not have the luxury. Maybe it is how I was taught and raised or maybe it’s the filial duty I have towards my family.

Everyone in my family looks up to me. They expect more & see me as the strength of this family for I’m stone shattered into all four corners of wind, earth, fire, and water; pebbles that interlay the foundation of roads meandering throughout the veins of this living hive. I would live up to this expectation. After all, I am only one man.

This year, the atrocities has stacked itself sky high. It affects me none, really. I have lost a dear friend for which I am happy for. I regret nothing. It seems our friendship has been so mellow and sweet but to end so abruptly in the midst of a holiday, makes things even more comfortable for I and easier to endure with or without our friendship. I admit it’s a little harsh for treatment for such a swell rainy holiday. I’m a harsh person and also a heartless one too.

She once had my love. I don’t take things back when they are given. It was shattered by the hands from which I gave. Two folds it took for her to realize something I so dear tried to show her. I wasn’t ready to be her friend but she insisted that she had already lost our friendship. And so I write and emphasize. To dabble a little salt in open wounds for sake of xamples.

As for the lady that I’m all so O in-love with, I would like to extend my gratitude to her for considering myself as a friend, in some cases. I think the reason we are still friends is because I don’t pervade her comfort zone. Needless to say, I don’t act the role. I’ve seen many trials where some bloke has it for some sassy girl and he acts the part. The way he talks to her, the way he interacts with her, all so obvious of the affliction she has on him and the grasp his heart bleeds for anchor. It all fails to an abrupt end when he is hurt and she ignores him. I don’t act the part. I will not give off scent of one ounce to let her know my plight. That is why we remain friends. I don’t treat her any different than any other friend. A friend is nothing more than a pillar of strength. I am that friend.

For the carnivorous person whom put insight in my thoughts, I thank you. He said I’ve been and awful friend and that we are not as close as we once were. I know he’s probably kidding but food for thought, I’ve always been there for him. He hasn’t exactly always been there for me but for the fraction of a tiny glistening part of him I always carry with me, I ignore the maltreatment and move on. Relations of any kind are never fair. Accept it. I admit, I failed him once but that was for his own good. I’ve seen all the indecency that has occurred and never had I stepped in to spoil the moment. That time I felt my duty as a best friend to step in and to dig a few slivers deep under the flesh to rot and let the rotten know he as done rotten things. Does time break away kinship of sort? It has never occurred to me but I guess it has for him. I’ll spare the moment.

A holiday confession. Happy Holidays to everyone & cheers for a wonderful beginning of a new year to come.

I thought I had this compressor fixed. This makes me frustrated=( I thought the problem with this leaking was in part to the leaking parts that I had replaced. The parts total a whopping 40USD. Indeed, it was leaking but I reassured myself that with the replaced parts, it would put a quick end to this leaky compressor.

Lo and behold, after the first issue was delted with, the second arrived. It arrived in the form of a small pin-sized hole. Boy did this make me turn red all over.

I like this compressor because it’s quality but the previous owner apparently didn’t take good care of it. It’s an oiled system which makes it very very quiet during operation. This thing was 500USD brand new! Now I made another project for myself: I’m going to transfer this pump onto another tank. The tank I was looking at are those portable tanks you can fill up at gas stations or what not. Those tanks can be had for 21-30 dollars and they usually come in 5gal. or 10gal.. I’ll purchase the 5gal. tank to conserve room and because it’s a lot lighter.

So, a girlfriend had a closet. Now she doesn’t anymore. Why? Becase She had more cloths than the wall hangers could support. So down it went! Guess what it left? About two dozen of holes or more on the wall. Guess who had to fix it? Right… The old hangers were so banged up I suggested we get new ones… Dammit, I got myself into more work…

So I patched up the wall with mud and laced it spices and here you have it!

That is only HALF of her closet. Her closet is three times larger. When I do fix this, I will add some spit and fairy dust and polish it up real nice- errgg nice enough to stack as much shoes and cloths on there till the cows come home and it won’t fall to bits. I really got to run to the office… This is time consuming…

I Installed some shelves purchased at the HOME DEPOT. It was pretty easy.

First, I measured the space between each hanger. Then transfer it to the wall. Those two lines you see drawn to the wall, are the measured lines. I used expensive anchors (I have a few hundred of them actually). Each able to hold 30lbs. I used six of them, so do the math=)

Everything is plumb and straight as indicated by the level.

Hang the hangers on. Start installing the shelves and you are done!

The hole in the middle was not fitting my style so I drilled all six new holes so that my 2.5″ screws would not burst through the other side of the board.

It looks pretty good to me!

I was at my friends graduation party tonight. He has to do with something rather the likes of elders in nursing homes. the last I remember was the study of old people and how they age. Nothing of that nature has caught an interest of me but I wish him the best of luck. I got him a planner to start him off in his journey! I had a great time tonight. It was a blast seeing John’s girlfriend, Kevin, Hieu, Au, and the rest of the gang! I hope these photos serves its purpose in conveying the exciting night we had! Congrats!

I first purchased this slitter about a month ago and it worked flawlessly. Now I got a larger and fairly faster machine. I made a thousand or so (500 I think) business cards or less with this little machine. It still has a lot more life in it. A very robust machine might I add. Smooth edges and always precise with its cuts. Here is a small video clip of it in action! Notice in the video, I went a little slow but trust me, you can cut cards down to a snap!

[kml_flashembed movie=”” width=”438″ height=”*”/]

My first ever work bench! This measures 8’x23.75″x36″ (LxWxH). This is very spacious for me to work and tinker! I now don’t have to crouch over to do anything anymore! I can pull up a stool and work efficiently and not hurt my aging back. Take apart tools and tinker with remotes- all on this work bench.

I’m going to be purchasing a 6inch grinder and a vice to attach to the table. I have this table bolted to the wall so it’s not going anywhere. The counter top is 5/8inch think but by the time I’m done, it will be around 1.5inches think because I’m going to layer it with another 5/8inch board + metal sheet or either formica laminate. Most likely formica laminate but they can get pretty pricey. 45usd for a 4’x8′ (2/16 thick) formica laminate sheet.

I builted this work bench table on the same principles as building my shelves. So I know this technique is very sturdy and will test the tides’ of time. I’m going to also add another board on the bottom for a small shelf for some more space to add tools. O, if you were looking and wondering why the extention cord is on the wall? Well, that is because I was lazy and I didn’t want to buy MC conduit. I did when I installed a 220v outlet for my electric water heater- that’s another post! Works for me. I’ll be done tomorrow!

This photo shows the finished product. The Top is installed. I don’t know if you can see it or not but the top overhangs out six inches. The reason being is because I wanted to be able to slide underneath my knees while working as a secondary protection measure. Plus it gives me a total of 24inches of working space. I’m not complaining! Not to mention the top is 1.24inches thick and will hold a lot of weight.

These are the tools that I use to make every darn project I do complete=) The charger you see on the bottom corner shelf, is brand spanking new. I purchased I drill set with two batteries and one single charger. I still have the old charger but I’m sure I’ll give that away or use it as a paper weight of some sort. You can read more on Ryobi HERE

See how thick it is? I beveled the corners with a belt sander, also by Ryobi, and it turned out great!

This is the finished product when sanded. It’s so smooth. I don’t want splinters so this will eliminate or minimize the chances of getting a slivers or three.

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