I thought I had this compressor fixed. This makes me frustrated=( I thought the problem with this leaking was in part to the leaking parts that I had replaced. The parts total a whopping 40USD. Indeed, it was leaking but I reassured myself that with the replaced parts, it would put a quick end to this leaky compressor.

Lo and behold, after the first issue was delted with, the second arrived. It arrived in the form of a small pin-sized hole. Boy did this make me turn red all over.

I like this compressor because it’s quality but the previous owner apparently didn’t take good care of it. It’s an oiled system which makes it very very quiet during operation. This thing was 500USD brand new! Now I made another project for myself: I’m going to transfer this pump onto another tank. The tank I was looking at are those portable tanks you can fill up at gas stations or what not. Those tanks can be had for 21-30 dollars and they usually come in 5gal. or 10gal.. I’ll purchase the 5gal. tank to conserve room and because it’s a lot lighter.