November 2005

Well we all know that toner is expensive and I happen to have a Brother HL-1440 Laser Printer. I have to admit,
going laser saves you so much money on ink cartridges. With our economy going so GREAT (yeah…), we can
usually pick up an ink jet printer for less than 50USD. The ironic thing is…these things pack two ink cartridges
each being 20-45USD each! That is more than the cost of the printer! So my friend said once, “Why buy ink
when you can go out and buy another printer for 30USD with a rebate?”, of course, this makes great sense and it’s the logical thing to do!

Well, I figured with all the money I throw in ink alone, I could have purchased myself a nice laser printer- so I did
just that! Sure, 6,000 pages before the toner runs out but that’s fine-N-dandy until you have to replace it! The toner alone, cost 100+USD and I chose to refill my toner instead! Two refills cost about 25USD + elbow grease. I didn’t really include the whole instructions on how to do a refill but this should give you and idea. To do this successfully, I recommend a funnel and a vacuum. Surprisingly, when I was done, the laser printer printed very nice and streak free documents! Enjoy!

An amazing play! The performance and cast did an

outstanding job! The play was rich in flavor and O
so romantic. I guess I live my life through theatrical
performances! Sometimes it makes me wonder if
I’m fit for such closure. My Fair lady had “zing and
zang” and “umph” throughout the whole performance!
Professor Henry Higgins and Eliza Doolittle made the
whole set fall in place and swept me off my feet.
Their love and affection was not tangible to say the
least but you knew it was there even though Professor
Higgins tried so hard to conceal it- he consumed
himself with his outright scheming personality!
I really enjoyed this-

Wow another wonderful and thankful Thanksgiving. I have a lot to be thankful for and that I’m glad I’m healthy and vibrant! I’m sure many of you have had a wonderful holiday- god bless. This yr we cooked the turkey in a caldron instead of a plastic bag. It came out great, just wasn’t as moist as last yr and the yr before it. We threw in steak this year too! It was delicious! I’m happy this yr we didn’t make instant mash potatoes- it was from scratch! Now I have a lot of turkey to eat for the winter! I’ve included a few photos below:

I recently purchased a new Ryobi Trimmer only to find out that it is inadequately designed. I find it quite funny
that their 18inch trimmer was 25USD more than the 17 inch version. By the way, both 17inch and 18inch models are of same spec(s). The only differences are that the cut lengths and whether you want a straight shaft or a curved shaft trimmer. Everything else, are the same.

The reason why I purchased a new trimmer was because I thought my original one failed but apparently it did not. It had an idle issue which I remedied quite quickly. The comparison between the new and old trimmers

The Trimmer I have is very efficiently designed. The gas is fed with gravity in mind, the muffler is below the bottom, and the handle arm is superior in design (asb). Those three designs literally made me return the new
inefficiently designed Trimmer I purchased in one week.

In comparison, the newer Trimmer; however, does have a stronger and more robust motor but that is all I think
it is worth. Other than the new yellow paint Ryobi decided to dash on the new Trimmer, the new design is horrible. Gas is not fed with gravity in mind, the muffler resides on the top which makes your forearm really HOT when you rest on it for support and assistance in maneuver- ability and torque positioning. The handle arm is horribly designed. Instead of being held on by four hex bolts (which helps in preventing slipping), Ryobi used inexpensive and far inferior material and workmanship to hold the handle in place (only one screw holds the new
handle in place). When I used it I had no control over the Trimmer because the handle would slip and slide plus it “kinda” ruined the ugly yellow paint? Check it OUT