Well we all know that toner is expensive and I happen to have a Brother HL-1440 Laser Printer. I have to admit,
going laser saves you so much money on ink cartridges. With our economy going so GREAT (yeah…), we can
usually pick up an ink jet printer for less than 50USD. The ironic thing is…these things pack two ink cartridges
each being 20-45USD each! That is more than the cost of the printer! So my friend said once, “Why buy ink
when you can go out and buy another printer for 30USD with a rebate?”, of course, this makes great sense and it’s the logical thing to do!

Well, I figured with all the money I throw in ink alone, I could have purchased myself a nice laser printer- so I did
just that! Sure, 6,000 pages before the toner runs out but that’s fine-N-dandy until you have to replace it! The toner alone, cost 100+USD and I chose to refill my toner instead! Two refills cost about 25USD + elbow grease. I didn’t really include the whole instructions on how to do a refill but this should give you and idea. To do this successfully, I recommend a funnel and a vacuum. Surprisingly, when I was done, the laser printer printed very nice and streak free documents! Enjoy!