March 2006

I’ve been waiting for weeks to see this. I was thrilled last night when it aired on the SciFI channel. I had quite a bit of work to do so I taped it. Good riddens, I watched it three times just to catch anything that I hadn’t already seen the first two times (lol). I’m so wanting the DVD version but I’m going to purchase the book first.

The movie went so well but what pissed me off (don’t all movies do?) so so much was the fact that Princess Kriemhild had the audacity to use black magic to captivate and enthrall Kind Siegfried. Doing so would thwart any plans of him leaving for Iceland to unite with the LOVE the Gods had chosen for him; Queen Brunhild. To extend this treachery, it also would solidify the placement of the dragons booty at Burgund so that Hagan can spring upon good opportunity to steal the wealth for himself. Bastard, little Hagan bastard I say!!!

I admit, if there weren’t any twists within a story line, how would it captivate us to watch more? Still, it angers me to have such treachery unfold in front of I. I believe that the curse that came with the treasure would not affect Kind Siegfried because the Gods wills it by using King Siegfried as a pawn to claim what was rightfully theirs. It all gets screwed up because of the potion Princess Kriemhild gives to Kind Siegfried… Erggg!!!

I can’t wait for tonight’s show. OMG I’m dying here… Queen Brunhild (Kristanna Loken) is so beautiful.

03/29/06 update:
I’m finally done watching the short mini series. The ending was quite sad. God, I couldn’t stand the betrayal and deceit- it was killing me just watching it. The story line unfolded nicely with the added “umph” towards the end when Queen Brunhild saved the day=) You know… I searched for photos via google (don’t you just love google?) and all I found were 7 photos! How pathetic! I had to go to a flash site that wouldn’t allow d/l of the photos so I ended up printing my screen to retrieve the photos. I think they were the last 5 photos!

[START of wallpaper]

[END of wallpaper]

So,.. today I decided to bake a few cakes meaning two cakes but I ended up baking more than five cakes. I really enjoyed it. I enjoy cooking in general anywho. I chose this type of cheesecake because the taste is much less richer and you dont grow tired of it after the first slice=) I believe the regular cheesecake (white ones) tastes just too too rich and I tire after the first slice not to mention the fat issues I’m currently battling. Skinny people who love cooking tend to be fat like myself. It’s a process all chefs go through=)

I made my nephew do some work since he wanted to have his share plus he’s learning to cook too=) He’s so adorable I must say. One of the most handsome and respectful little devils around town- I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Anywho, the last few cakes I baked I added a little more than what was called for in the recipe. The extra ingredient was pumpkin pure. The recipe calls for 2 cups but I believe I added 2.75 cups because I’m not going to fridge the extra pure- what the heck am I going to do with the extra pure??!

Okay… so I was working on the yard today and Jeff, my neighbor, stops on by and we talk for a wee bit. Now let me say, he is a hilarious guy mind you! Very straight forward might I add. Anywho, we were talking about jobs and women in general and he was like: “have you noticed there are nine women in our neighborhood that had their boobies done?”. Of course, I pay no attention to that stuff and besides, I’m not with the neighborhood crowd anyhow. My family usually keeps to ourselves and have one neighbor we actually talk to anywho.

So the ironic thing is, all these MILFs do not work. They sit around and play all day. Nothing wrong with that I guess. Jeff says: “They want half of your money and they don’t work” (LOL). I was laughing my butt off thinking to myself how true what he speaks of. It’s true, my neighborhood is full of rich folks. He tells me to marry a woman that makes more money than me (LOL)- that’s always a good thing. I wouldn’t mind that=) Women wanting half of anything that doesn’t work… “now thats a problem” Jeff says.

So my truck starts shaking really bad. I had an idea of what was wrong with it so I called my brother to confirm and chit-chat a bit. Well, it turned out to be what I originally thought it would be: misfire in one of the 6 cylinders. I took them all out and checked for gap distance and looked for any signs of wear. The results came back pretty clean but the spark plug wires were in “okay” condition.

So I took a drive to the nearby auto distributors and purchased a set of new wires. During my drive there, I was very hesitant and was saying to myself, “man, here goes another 150USD into the truck for some darn wires” but to my surprise, it was only 30USD. My jaw litterally dropped onto the counter when I heard the tech said it was only 30USD. Unbelievable I say! Thank god I own a Ford. I do have a Mazda too but thats a rather,.. lengthly matter.

Anyhow, the reason I needed new wires was that the metal jacket inside the spark plug insulator broke off causing cylinder #6 to misfire! The last photo shows details of this evidently! Ford Ranger Spark Plug Wires

Okay, I just wanted to post before I head out. It’s the frontal view of my yard. I reworked it into how I wanted things. This year, I actually like how things are situated. It’s a fulfillment for myself I reassure you=) As You can see below, I have included quite a few photos.

Give this about six months and I’ll go back and take a few more shots to see improvements- if there are any in hopes there will be. My rose garden better bloom as beautiful as they look on the photos displayed at the nursery. Enjoy!

You know, my friend and I made plans prior for this weekend to break ground on this most exciting activity: to make shelves from scratch. You can get an idea of what will be happening this weekend by referencing THIS. I had made shelves from scratch before so this task is considered pretty repetitive and a little easy with a little assistance here and there.

I made CHIM buy some tools but I guess it was useless after him purchasing it because he couldn’t use it. He’ll learn with time I bet. The only thing I see him able to use are the flashlight and the bolt driver. I told him I needed help assembling the shelves together but by the time I sent him to Home Depot, I was already done with the frame once he came back. When he actually did come back, he had left again the minute he pulled in the drive way. I think it was *duty calls (wink).

Anyhow, the reason we are making shelves for his garage are that, it’s very messy and he needs room for his bike. The project was another successful one needless to say because I didn’t let him touch the tools:) I couldn’t have done it without his help– errgg his father’s help=)

Keep in mind that 2×4 studs are really 1.5×3 studs. I don’t know why this is the case but I assume it’s from shrinking during it’s process for consumer usage. There were two shelves in total. The first shelf: 12x18x7 ft; second shelf: 4x18x8 ft. As You can see, these made for tremendous storage capacity and cleaned up the garage quite a bit! I have attached a few photos below so that you can see the progress. Hover over the photos to get a brief description. Enjoy!

I was channel surfing a bit and I happened to stop by and was watching “Everybody Loves Raymond” at the very end (airs for 23minutes). What I found so funny was that Ray was called a sex addict and Robert also added in “he likes dirty sex, dirty immoral sex”- something along those lines which I burst out laughing but that’s not the kicker. Robert told his wife whom was standing by his side “you must be sensitive to a woman’s feelings” and his father said “you, my boy, are a girl”. You had to have seen it to understand the “funny” with that scene. OMG, I was laughing so hard I fell out of my my chair!!!

Okay,.. this morning really sucked. I had to go retain a registration tag for my truck and the funny thing is, I had paid a month ahead via snail mail. It was never sent or perhaps it was lost during its transaction here to my home.

My ticket #C433- I had to wait forever. They had #A-#7 but had only one person helping all the #C’s. Needless to say, it was very slow and tiresome. I did this last year via mail as well and everything went smooth. Registration was sent on time and wasn’t lost- I don’t know what happened this year. O well. I will still continue to renew over mail because stuff happens and it’s out of my hands.

On the bright side, I had lunch at Chic-Fil-A. Now they have a lady catering to the customers within- new trend I guess? I never gave a tip at a fast-food restaurant before. I did that day- I was the only one that gave a tip=) She was super nice plus her smile made my day. I think she was in her mid 30’s.

Well, I was invited to a birthday party on a Thursday and the party commenced on a Friday. I could not make it but I wanted to help out by helping to setup the the party in anyways possible. At the currenty moment, I was attending another party which was planned well over two weeks. The party was supposed to last for quite sometime.

So… I had an excuse to sneak over to help with the preparations for one of my coolest girlfriends birthday. I had expected to be there well before the two birthday girls showed up and disappear within the shadows without any notice. Well it turned out I was there and they showed up:( I wanted this job to be an in/out thing and sneak back to my other party.

It worked out well I guess. My friend called me and said his party ended abruptly because his girlfriend got really mad and a tad bit too touchy because his cousin was poking fun at her. It was only a game they were playing but apparently she just went a little crazy taking his accusations as offensive ploys against her. So than, I guess I had no other party to go to. I had expected to stay over his pace for the night because he had a huge cookout and lots of liquor? Of course, I did not drink any because I wanted to sneak away and return later on.

So I just stayed at the party I was helping to setup for. Turned out great I was having a great time. Too bad my friend’s girlfriend was a party pooper. It is good that I stayed because I picked up my gift that I had left there during the Christmas of 05′. Lets have another party and this time, I’ll make sure she’s not too antzy or pissy=)