You know, my friend and I made plans prior for this weekend to break ground on this most exciting activity: to make shelves from scratch. You can get an idea of what will be happening this weekend by referencing THIS. I had made shelves from scratch before so this task is considered pretty repetitive and a little easy with a little assistance here and there.

I made CHIM buy some tools but I guess it was useless after him purchasing it because he couldn’t use it. He’ll learn with time I bet. The only thing I see him able to use are the flashlight and the bolt driver. I told him I needed help assembling the shelves together but by the time I sent him to Home Depot, I was already done with the frame once he came back. When he actually did come back, he had left again the minute he pulled in the drive way. I think it was *duty calls (wink).

Anyhow, the reason we are making shelves for his garage are that, it’s very messy and he needs room for his bike. The project was another successful one needless to say because I didn’t let him touch the tools:) I couldn’t have done it without his help– errgg his father’s help=)

Keep in mind that 2×4 studs are really 1.5×3 studs. I don’t know why this is the case but I assume it’s from shrinking during it’s process for consumer usage. There were two shelves in total. The first shelf: 12x18x7 ft; second shelf: 4x18x8 ft. As You can see, these made for tremendous storage capacity and cleaned up the garage quite a bit! I have attached a few photos below so that you can see the progress. Hover over the photos to get a brief description. Enjoy!