I’ve been waiting for weeks to see this. I was thrilled last night when it aired on the SciFI channel. I had quite a bit of work to do so I taped it. Good riddens, I watched it three times just to catch anything that I hadn’t already seen the first two times (lol). I’m so wanting the DVD version but I’m going to purchase the book first.

The movie went so well but what pissed me off (don’t all movies do?) so so much was the fact that Princess Kriemhild had the audacity to use black magic to captivate and enthrall Kind Siegfried. Doing so would thwart any plans of him leaving for Iceland to unite with the LOVE the Gods had chosen for him; Queen Brunhild. To extend this treachery, it also would solidify the placement of the dragons booty at Burgund so that Hagan can spring upon good opportunity to steal the wealth for himself. Bastard, little Hagan bastard I say!!!

I admit, if there weren’t any twists within a story line, how would it captivate us to watch more? Still, it angers me to have such treachery unfold in front of I. I believe that the curse that came with the treasure would not affect Kind Siegfried because the Gods wills it by using King Siegfried as a pawn to claim what was rightfully theirs. It all gets screwed up because of the potion Princess Kriemhild gives to Kind Siegfried… Erggg!!!

I can’t wait for tonight’s show. OMG I’m dying here… Queen Brunhild (Kristanna Loken) is so beautiful.

03/29/06 update:
I’m finally done watching the short mini series. The ending was quite sad. God, I couldn’t stand the betrayal and deceit- it was killing me just watching it. The story line unfolded nicely with the added “umph” towards the end when Queen Brunhild saved the day=) You know… I searched for photos via google (don’t you just love google?) and all I found were 7 photos! How pathetic! I had to go to a flash site that wouldn’t allow d/l of the photos so I ended up printing my screen to retrieve the photos. I think they were the last 5 photos!

[START of wallpaper]

[END of wallpaper]