Okay… so I was working on the yard today and Jeff, my neighbor, stops on by and we talk for a wee bit. Now let me say, he is a hilarious guy mind you! Very straight forward might I add. Anywho, we were talking about jobs and women in general and he was like: “have you noticed there are nine women in our neighborhood that had their boobies done?”. Of course, I pay no attention to that stuff and besides, I’m not with the neighborhood crowd anyhow. My family usually keeps to ourselves and have one neighbor we actually talk to anywho.

So the ironic thing is, all these MILFs do not work. They sit around and play all day. Nothing wrong with that I guess. Jeff says: “They want half of your money and they don’t work” (LOL). I was laughing my butt off thinking to myself how true what he speaks of. It’s true, my neighborhood is full of rich folks. He tells me to marry a woman that makes more money than me (LOL)- that’s always a good thing. I wouldn’t mind that=) Women wanting half of anything that doesn’t work… “now thats a problem” Jeff says.