April 2006

As rivers are naturally occurring, it is within essence that water too, is natural. Can you hold faults of the river for flowing? Can you hold faults of the river for churning? Can you fault something that’s continually changing? No, you cannot for the river cast and mimics hues of various facades above the surface. I will know the river only by its shape and no more. Its name only as the river. Its wakes only by minute ripples and its soul by the morning mists.

Can you picture such candid imagery? No, you simply cannot. No, you simply cannot do without. It is all not but lust yet lust without thought. It is something we simply cannot deter nor can we deny. Something we cannot live with nor can we live without. It is a pocket of fresh air to most yet at times, it strangles us like so drowning in our own breathe- breathes we take without the pleasure of knowing that its tainted. Tainted with another one’s thought. Thoughts of another brewing within us through every breathe. The only escape is another breathe but still, its tainted. Tainted with another thought. Tainted with you. Tainted with me.

How are you lost when you have not begun? How are you found when you have not been displaced? What parts of you aloft and how do you fair when skies are gray? Do you not feel the urge to let go and be free? Free from all that were and all that was. Free from yourself; your own ambitions. What lacks here can be made up there. What lacks there can be found through I. You find perfection when looking through someone else’s faults. It is not to say that all are diseased and unfit; it is saying that light shall pass where there are shadows. Shadows that plague and covert when there are feelings of hopelessness, apathy, and all that deranges and confuse our mental status. Look above the stars for you are lost.

I’ve been a little lazy lately. I’m on a new journey for lack of description. Something that has to do with vitamins and the neurological senses in combination with smarts and wits. I’m doing a little research on my own to experiment a little on the otherside. I was reading up on the matter of mind power and the lacks of it and I would like to see if I can change anything within myself through such research.

I’m going to GNC (that’s the only brand I can think of) and few other retailers to research on supplements that can be used to increase/decrease memory. I have a very bad memory. I tend to zone out a lot when i’m with a group or it is so that I’m told. I don’t do it intentially but it is done. I don’t know how to bring myself to the admittance that I have a memory problem=) Well off I go!