February 2007

How have we been? Stretched out days on end without the breath to catch
nor the light to see because without your love siding mine foresighted such
delirium hath’ taken place in this wretched world. I need your warmth, I need
your breath.

How has’th you’ve gone in seconds but the penal sum lingers in my head like
the rapping on my door- rapping tapping at my hearts edge. I’ve been seen
you days ago but my laborsome trek has far outgrown the fruitful nectar of
your divine touch. I need more of it, I need lots of it, I simply cannot go on
with the thought of knowing you are near.

My love, my darling love. Hither’ hasn’t not linger for a souls outreach to be
twined like slivers of gold and knowing how bold I’ve been yet I wrap around
your very slender fingers like yard be spun; like gold be mated. I have not
had one nights sleep for I cannot sleep without you. Far away I am but so
in-need of you I cannot deny. You are the many facets I conjure up to keep
company, myself, nights without sleep: for every full moon I see, I see your
beauty that contours the menacing pits and that I am in an ecstatic reverie
for the beauty and every tangents the gray clouds would throw at it.

I’m a very patient person. I don’t necessarily wait for things to take its course yet I let it happen on its own. That’s very contradicting, I know, but I’m sticking to it regardless. I would imagine my time would better fit alone by myself and in reverie of coarse matter than to think any deeper on things not needing my attention. Sometimes though, important things need tending and I try my very best to do so.

“I have a heart of aluminum and yours, titanium.” -J.Nguyen Though that is very much true but I wouldn’t want my lover to have a heart tough as nails like mine. What’s the use I say, when someone is as content as you are. Not in unions I don’t think- not acceptable. To be content is a valued trait but to be content on your affections and the way you convey oneself towards a lover, is not acceptable. I’m content with everything; I don’t care for much. My lover must give harmony to upset the negative balance that is within me. I need not say less but for short and to the point, infinite affection and sincerity must be maintained else I wouldn’t want of it.





I have always thought and done what I have believed in. In relationships, I would always hate to be the one to make the other obligated towards anything, and especially towards me. I’ve seen and have counseled many that have said “he/she makes me obligated”.

I’m finally done! Reference THIS

Do you see the shoe rack incomplete? All it needs now are boards placed on top of the rails. It can be expanded to six levels but it has only four right now.

I added a lot of support brackets because I don’t want the shelves to fall down. It has before but that was in another post. The directions recommend 24″ spacing between each support bracket but I find it useless because the lack of support is evident.

UPDATE: 02/17/2007 DONE. I have the shoe racks in and also extra racks for towels and the likes. I can’t wait to see cloths hanging from them. Shoes stacked sky high! That’s just HOT!

Shoe Rack: Shoe Shelf: Painted Wall

I lightly mudded the wall after I sanded it down. Then I textured it (orange peel texture) lightly. I made the mix a little thick which also was another mistake. To do the orange peel texture, you want a liquid consistency mud batch so that it would be more easily blown onto the wall. It’s a walk-in closet so the owner will be the only person taking notice. Besides, once the cloths are in place, you wont even notice it at all! Reference This: Day 1

The ceiling was in need of a light. I was going to go cheap and buy one of those utility light fixtures but my gut said “ugly” so I purchased a nice one for 75USD! It lit up the room nicely too! Plus I like it because it’s stylish and it adds a little pazazz to the environment.

Ceiling light fixture install: orange peel texture: mud: mudding

I’m breaking ground on a walk-in closet I planned months ago. It’s official and the walls have been marred! Click HERE for reference of my plans. I changed it a little because I was a little fussy drawing on the walls this afternoon: the darn window was an eye sore so I covered it up nicely! It’s funny because when you step outside, you see a piece of wallboard inside the window perimeter. I purchased this type of drywall at Lowes that resists mildew and humidity and it turned out the darn thing was impregnated with fiberglass- I was itching like crazy on the way home. I used a pair of gloves to handle once I got home.

Here is the window untouched. The room measured roughly 8’x10’x8′ and that stupid window was installed in the wrong spot.

So I fixed it good! I made it so that the room would be one full cube so that it would be easier for me to manipulate! It’s much easier to make a walk-in closet when you start off with a cube in my opinion.

So I tore off the window ceil and started to frame it so that it will fit the piece of drywall I will be preparing. The framing was easy. I didn’t want to add any extra frames than necessary because this isn’t structural additions yet more cosmetics. What i’m trying to sway is, it’s not to code but do I care? Of course not silly! Notice how the frames are set back .5″ to accommodate the piece of drywall.

O my, I think I have made a mistake! Look at the open area! No support! Now when the support s from the shelves push against that open space and there are no supports behind them, OMG <squeeze> & <crunch>. Dammit I hate these mistakes! I guess I’ll find out once it caves in:)

I nailed up the piece of drywall and mud it. tomorrow I’m going to sand it down.

Continue Tomorrow!

Drywall mudding: Drywall Repair: Drywall Texture

YUM-O. Kelly’s Birthday! She’s tender yet LEGAL! When we having a pot luck day eh? I had so much fun that night! I hate Thao’s shrimp scampi- I mean all of it! I saved her from being fat. I’m a good friend, I know! I took one for the team huray!