I’m a very patient person. I don’t necessarily wait for things to take its course yet I let it happen on its own. That’s very contradicting, I know, but Iā€™m sticking to it regardless. I would imagine my time would better fit alone by myself and in reverie of coarse matter than to think any deeper on things not needing my attention. Sometimes though, important things need tending and I try my very best to do so.

“I have a heart of aluminum and yours, titanium.” -J.Nguyen Though that is very much true but I wouldn’t want my lover to have a heart tough as nails like mine. What’s the use I say, when someone is as content as you are. Not in unions I don’t think- not acceptable. To be content is a valued trait but to be content on your affections and the way you convey oneself towards a lover, is not acceptable. I’m content with everything; I don’t care for much. My lover must give harmony to upset the negative balance that is within me. I need not say less but for short and to the point, infinite affection and sincerity must be maintained else I wouldn’t want of it.