I lightly mudded the wall after I sanded it down. Then I textured it (orange peel texture) lightly. I made the mix a little thick which also was another mistake. To do the orange peel texture, you want a liquid consistency mud batch so that it would be more easily blown onto the wall. It’s a walk-in closet so the owner will be the only person taking notice. Besides, once the cloths are in place, you wont even notice it at all! Reference This: Day 1

The ceiling was in need of a light. I was going to go cheap and buy one of those utility light fixtures but my gut said “ugly” so I purchased a nice one for 75USD! It lit up the room nicely too! Plus I like it because it’s stylish and it adds a little pazazz to the environment.

Ceiling light fixture install: orange peel texture: mud: mudding