July 2009

I made a frame for my generator today. Started but not finished. I only framed up the bottome portion of the cage and put wheels on it. I’ll finish when I have time. I drilled holes to mount the generator and I fudged one hole (2mm deviation). I’ll fix that later as well.

I really need a work table… Too bad the garage is darn small!!!

Here the brackets for the 1/2 bolt for the wheels are seen welded onto the frame.

The wheels are installed as shown for mock up purposes. It’s much easier to move around already!

I needed to clean off my generator I purchased and I wanted to sit it on the Oil Catch Pan I use to collect my used oil for recycling. Only problem is that the generator weighs a ton compared to the oil pan which is made of plastic. So I made a brace over the oil plan to allow things to be set right on top of the pan and drip right into it. Did some quick welding and used the band saw to cut out some steel 🙂

I recently purchased this generator off of some guy who had it sat for 1yr. He said all it needed was gas. I brought it home, cleaned it a bit, did some research and found out that it’s discontinued (like most things anyhow). I can’t complain for 50USD. It starts up fine and does produce AC. I need to work on the engine a little and build a mounting frame and put some wheels on it later on.

MODEL: 190402 TYPE: 1835 02 CODE: 80043012

I recently purchased a metal band saw for 45dollars. It’s made in 1985- that’s 25years old! Way older than all my boogers might I add! The bearings were going bad on it (after 25years) and so i replaced them with little fuss.

When I did purchased the saw, I found out that the saw blade was installed backwards hence it was cutting with a backstroke which dulled the blade real quick! The owner gave me a rusted up blade and said it was no good- I put it on anyways and it cuts like butter! Now I need to bring this to a machine shop to grind the blade adjuster so it will cut true. For 45 dollars, I’m not fussing…

I dropped off his DVD’s today in the mail box. I forgot to bring it along when I came to pick up my jack. I had asked him to remove my number from his possession as I’ve already done so after I dropped off the DVD’s. I don’t know what to do with the watch. I think I’ll give it away as well. That will take some time to do because I do not know whom to give it to nor do I know of such an outlet to freely throw it away.

I’m done with this friendship. I don’t need the memory of such indecency nor do I need reminders that will coax my psyche. Life goes on without our noticing at times; at other times, we need to take up the responsibility to take care of splitting ends. To round the corners if I may… I love his mom; she’s such a sweet lady. Wife to Casanova and mother to a bastard. She’s such a sweet lady.

When I came over to pick up the jack, I spoke to her momentarily and she had asked for me to come over when I’m not busy. I nodded and said that I would love to come over. Pretense rather but what else was I suppose to say (your son is a bastard?)?

There are many things which can not be said but only archived privately. A friend of mine is dating my ex-girlfriend. He has done this before in the past. I’m the third victim. Perhaps ‘victim’ is too harsh but I suppose it’s fitting. He was there through my breakup and now he’s dating her. Funny how he said I’m better off without her and that she’s not good and all the other ugly things he’s said but only after two weeks later did he call me to say that he was dating her. I look back at it as though it’s a lesson to be learned. I was sure that he was going to date her anyways because I know him like the back of my hand. No one did ever understand him like I did. I was a bestfriend and now we are no longer friends at all. Loyalty means a lot to me.

Anyone could date my ex. I could careless but why did it have to be my bestfriend? It take’s two to tango, rather. She has no respect for me and he certainly has none either. I find it trivial in the many things he’s said. Things such as, “It’s not like that bro, we are just casually talking”. Ha, what a white lie=). I don’t even know why he would tell his ex he’s sleeping with my ex for. I had three people call me to say in some extent, “Did you know so and so are dating and he slept such and such”. Not exactly what I wanted to hear and not that I care. I just find it a little trivial.

My friends say I’m too nice and that if it was them, they would of let out a world of hurt’n (mentally) on him and her. You know, I have to hold my composure. I will not argue with a woman especially and ex. Nor will I bring up topics such as this or so that which is considered taboo amongs friends. He said he loved me like a brother but except my brother is sharing the same women I once slept with. Do brothers do that? I’m sure he wouldn’t mind doing so to a blood relative. It’s okay. Life has many mysteries.

He asked a girlfriend for my email address. He has my email address but to reach out to my girlfriend to state that he’s emailing me. I told her to go ahead and give it to him because the email will probably be an apology and that to state in the letter that he’s dating her. Couple minutes later, I’ve got MAIL ;). I will frame up that email later in life to prove a point: loyalty comes with a price. He’s not sorry for how he feels towards her. No problem, all you had to do is not talk to her:) I’m pointing fingers at him only and not her because she’s meaningless- he was my righthand man.

On a lighter note, I’m meaningless to her as well because she doesn’t have the decency to call me “Anh” anymore but rather, state my first name. When she called me by my first name, it means what we once had was meaningless and that the cherished moments are indeed buried. So I take her lead and thus call her by her first name. I’m getting off topic:)