November 2006

I built another shelf in my one car garage. I was tired of having things lying on the floor. I needed space to walk and tripping on things is not what I’m looking forward to. Especially when you are carrying something normongous and you can’t quite see where you are stepping.

As you can see below, my garage is very messy. I have a lot of *shit* lying every where! The first four photos show that nicely. I built it myself so aligning the support beams was a little tricky but I’ve built a few of these to know what to do. It was a job well done! I actually have room to roam around! All I need to do now is to install my table saw. I did it within the last moment of things and I’ll save that for another day. Just so you know, I wasn’t very happy with the Chinese made Ryobi Table saw. I think the space I have left over could be had with a nice little table or work bench + (another table saw).

On a side note, I didn’t use particle board this time for the shelves. I used pressed layers of lumber 5/8 thick. They were just as expensive as particle board in my book! In actuality, they were 1USD cheaper but a lot lighter than MDF (particle board). I chose it because it was more accessible and purchasing the MDF meant getting help from the HD team to bring a crane to get to them. I find that the material I purchased works quite well!

We have an an extra room in a condo that my sister wants to turn into a walk-in closet. She said draw something out and give her some ideers on what shall be done. I did just that with my crude and not-so-talented skills. I’ll grab hold of your hands and usher you into this fantasy closet that will look half decent yet remarkably witty in taste. Lots of whites and shoe racks galore!

I saw this walk-in closet for shoes and how I O-so-wanted one and so I gave her that ideer. Turns out she loves it. I’ll have one of my own one day. I already own 18 pairs of shoes (more if I hadn’t tossed out my 12 other pairs- stupid me). Just imagine blanks of wood 8inche wide and how ever so long the desired length, running around the room like rails holding sluttish platform and devilish high heels greeting you as you walk in? YUM-O (yeah- that’s a tad bit Rachel Ray babie)!!! Doesn’t that sound O, so devilish? Yeah… I said it. Deveelish!

I’m going to take at least 3 weekends to finish this for her. That’s with spare time and cheap labor. The things you do for the women you love (my sisters and the QUEEN BEE- mum). Here you’ll see the details drawn out on parchment:

I was watching an opera today on WEDU and it was beautiful. I enjoyed it very much. The costumes are always so vibrant in color and the performances are always so sweet. I saw a little boy of 3 named Akim (of German decent) and he was playing the violin though not very talented yet, he made me dreamful. He was a guest of the director/composer. He was so adorable. He will probably grow up to a handsome young man.

Anywho, I was very impressed. I can’t wait to learn the violin by heart. I’ll be like Akim except a bit older. He should make a better violinist for starting at such a tender age. Wishful thinking on my part none the less; I can always try. I’ve always had love for the piano and the violin. Marry the two and you have harmony amongst both worlds. I tend to do so.

So, I beamed a question to this person noticeable speaking above, … and anywho let’s just say she rocked my morning! She is selling a business card slitter. A 4up Sun slitter. I know what it is but she thinks I’m dull? 4up means to cut either 9×12″ or 8×11″ sheet of stock into business cards 4 at a time in strips of 3.5″ by what ever length you so desire. Some machines will only utilize 8×11″ but go figure, “I don’t know the difference”… :::sigh:::

She is selling it with this much detail specified:

How the hell are you going to sell anything with such little information to go by? No model number? Only one crappy photo? I find this person rude and very unprofessional. Here is her reply to my inquiry:

“If you don’t know the specifications, you don’t need it.”- HOLY MOLIE! Yeah, she definitely made my day. It was uplifting! Yah!

I’ve been meaning to make a CAT for this and she was my inspiration. +1 under “Make My Day Bitch”!

Okidata C5800Ldn Color Laser Printer

Professional color printing without compromise.

The optimum balance of speed and reliability for increasedproductivity in demanding businesses.

  • Prints up to 28 ppm black, 24 ppm color
  • Up to 1200 x 600-dpi resolution
  • Network ready
  • Duplexing (2-sided printing)
  • Duty cycle of up to 60,000 pages
  • Approx. 10 seconds black, 11 seconds color to first page
  • Standard 300-sheet paper tray plus built-in 100-sheet multi-purpose tray

What else can I say? This thing is massive and heavy; just how like like a quality built product! Did I mention this is a tax right off? Yesh! I looked at other laser printers but the speeds for color printing were pathetic (8ppm color). I needed something blazing fast to keep up with my work load. 5k-10k brochures and business cards galore- I definitely needed something with an extra added “umph” so it wont cramp my style=) Now if only Brothers would come out with their speed demon code name Cobra inket printer. This little devil churns out 150ppm in monochrome or color! Beat that laser printers! I’d imagine when Brother does come out with Cobra, the price would burn a sour hole on the roof of your mouth like chili peppers in a summer’s day!

I’d have to give it to my new laser printer: the color quality is better than inkjet printers hands down (not photo producing by all means- epson takes the cake on this plane). I print gold letters with my epson inkjet and the gold comes out a little dark whilst with my laser printer, it comes out GOLD?

So I was going to Borders to get some coffee and as I was getting a parking spot- I hear this shredding sound of metal to metal contact. I look over and it looks to me, a young teen scraping the side of this poor defenseless truck.

I hop out of my truck and assist the bloke on how to remove his car from the truck. It was beautiful! I felt bad for the teen because he was just being careless. The ironic thing is, he didn’t know if he had insurance?

So anywho, I took two shots of the accident scene and handed the owner of the truck my card and if he needed these photos, he could e-mail me and I would send them to him.

Fender Bender, Car Scratch, Damaged Bumper

I’m sick as a dog. This has been the first that I have actually lost my voice. I was down for a week because I felt so terrible. I wish sometimes I can do what Jimmy Neutron did: shrink down to a germ size coodie and go battle the coodies that have afflicted me this terrible cold. Yesh- I watch Jimmy Neutron=) My friend’s name is JIMBOB as well=)

Anywho- my sister asked me to do her window treatment now that the blinds have come in via Home Depot special order. The blinds are beautiful. Installing them was pretty easy too! I do have a few complaints though… The company that we ordered it from, cut some of the blinds a little shorter than I had asked. There had to be shims installed and that created more work than I had anticipated.

The valances that came with each blind set were a little shy for fitment. It was the actually size of the rail blinds but the company didn’t take into account that the window widths are varying sizes and by covering only the rail width, this leaves the shims exposed ultimately creating an eye sore.

I will call the company this week to see if they can make amends. If not, I’ll go complain to

I could account to the many times I’ve needed a table rip saw. I’m pro-RYOBI because I believe in the product and for the price, you won’t miss a heart beat! I’ve spoken to all types of associates in HOME DEPOT and LOWES and they all prefer Dewalt or Makita. I come with little funds and prefer RYOBI.Why? Price. Reliability. Proven. I’ve used Ryobi for all of my projects. I’ve only had the reciprocating saw fail on me (wall unit and not the battery powered). It was partially my fault. Okay, maybe not. Ryobi needs to improve on their reciprocating saw units because they damn right suck. I had to go to Wal-Mart and purchase a Black & Decker one. I’ve put it through so much abuse it’s literally funny.

Anywho back on subject. I have a handheld 7inch circular saw- also Ryobi but any handheld saw isn’t that smooth and accurate and I really wanted a table saw that was portable. I’m going to be purchasing the portable unit Ryobi has at Home Depot. I simply can’t wait to get my hands on one.