We have an an extra room in a condo that my sister wants to turn into a walk-in closet. She said draw something out and give her some ideers on what shall be done. I did just that with my crude and not-so-talented skills. I’ll grab hold of your hands and usher you into this fantasy closet that will look half decent yet remarkably witty in taste. Lots of whites and shoe racks galore!

I saw this walk-in closet for shoes and how I O-so-wanted one and so I gave her that ideer. Turns out she loves it. I’ll have one of my own one day. I already own 18 pairs of shoes (more if I hadn’t tossed out my 12 other pairs- stupid me). Just imagine blanks of wood 8inche wide and how ever so long the desired length, running around the room like rails holding sluttish platform and devilish high heels greeting you as you walk in? YUM-O (yeah- that’s a tad bit Rachel Ray babie)!!! Doesn’t that sound O, so devilish? Yeah… I said it. Deveelish!

I’m going to take at least 3 weekends to finish this for her. That’s with spare time and cheap labor. The things you do for the women you love (my sisters and the QUEEN BEE- mum). Here you’ll see the details drawn out on parchment: