June 2007

I hate Verizon. Getting a hold of them is like trying to enter Fort Nox. I recently had FIOS internet and had canceled it because it was conflicting with Bright House Network’s services. I’m not being charged with the FIOS internet services but rather, for the damn FIOS cable.

I call Verizon and they said I’m being charged for the used portion of the cable. Ain’t that good shit? I told the fucker I didn’t need cable but he said “We’ll install it and you can try it out for a whole month for free. If you don’t like it, you won’t be charged”. I don’t even want to deal with it I’ll just pay for it. I’d rather pay for it than to go through Fort Nox. I hate you, Verizon. You fucking SUCK. Bright House Networks all the way baby! Better service… uh hmmm… quicker service!

Okay, I’m having a bad day.

I’ve been annoyed lately of TigerDirect’s way of emailing subscribers to let them in the loop of all the “specials” they are running. That’s fine with me but once a week or twice a month is cool but not everyday; they email me 3 times a day at least- on the same garbage! Now tell me if that isn’t annoying? I’m a subscriber but I don’t want to be spammed. It’s like they force the adds in your face.

I got to the point that I don’t even open it. Into the trash it goes but man, deleting three times a day gets to your nerves! They even sent me a questionnaire on why I’m canceling their email subscription. Man! I sure told them! Out of sight out of mind!

I should try to be emotional; rather sad if I may that my nephew is ready to move away. It’s a sad parting I’d say but I guess you can’t save the world if powers were ‘vested in you. I would imagine it would change a lot of things for my nephews when I’m not around. It will be their undoing to be frank.

I only hope they are keen and will look out for each other and not forget the things I’ve instilled within them. I see them to be very bright. Without my persistent urging, I don’t think my nephew, the eldest of three, would be so bright. Now that they are moving away, I feel hopeless and not in control of things. Sometimes I would rather say I would be a great teacher. I’m a teacher to a lot of friends, a counsel to many of whom are without light, and a friend to all.

Life; you move on. Life changes and priorities are constantly shifting. It’s a battle up hill when change are a comin’ but you can’t do much but transcend and manipulate your environment to be more fitting for changes in the season(s). I think I’ll try to be sad with the parting. I can’t seem to be. It’s another day for me but without good company. A full house now shall be hollow. Without the laughs and cries nor the constant etchings on the walls with crayons and neither the broken furniture fixtures and etc.

I guess I can start fixing up the house since the little ones will be moving out. I have a lot of stains, crayon markings, and holes in the wall that need mending. I could fill up those stale (about to be) rooms with stuff. No, I’ll make one into my studio! I can start painting canvas again! Yippie! Maybe have a dance room on one side and a studio on the other. My, this is starting to be a fun and gracious parting…! Boy, I can’t wait if they move out! Now I’m happy!