I should try to be emotional; rather sad if I may that my nephew is ready to move away. It’s a sad parting I’d say but I guess you can’t save the world if powers were ‘vested in you. I would imagine it would change a lot of things for my nephews when I’m not around. It will be their undoing to be frank.

I only hope they are keen and will look out for each other and not forget the things I’ve instilled within them. I see them to be very bright. Without my persistent urging, I don’t think my nephew, the eldest of three, would be so bright. Now that they are moving away, I feel hopeless and not in control of things. Sometimes I would rather say I would be a great teacher. I’m a teacher to a lot of friends, a counsel to many of whom are without light, and a friend to all.

Life; you move on. Life changes and priorities are constantly shifting. It’s a battle up hill when change are a comin’ but you can’t do much but transcend and manipulate your environment to be more fitting for changes in the season(s). I think I’ll try to be sad with the parting. I can’t seem to be. It’s another day for me but without good company. A full house now shall be hollow. Without the laughs and cries nor the constant etchings on the walls with crayons and neither the broken furniture fixtures and etc.

I guess I can start fixing up the house since the little ones will be moving out. I have a lot of stains, crayon markings, and holes in the wall that need mending. I could fill up those stale (about to be) rooms with stuff. No, I’ll make one into my studio! I can start painting canvas again! Yippie! Maybe have a dance room on one side and a studio on the other. My, this is starting to be a fun and gracious parting…! Boy, I can’t wait if they move out! Now I’m happy!