I bought the crane 7 months ago and reason wanting one is that sometimes I don’t have help to lift heavy equipment on my truck or when I’m buying something online and it’s HEAVY. I just now installed it.

In order to do so, I had to get custom brackets cut out of 1/2 steel. Welded them on. This was my first attempt – so I made them a little long. This cost 70$ shipped. I know the exact size and location to weld if I needed to do another (which I wont – PITA factor lol).
2016-07-11 13.35.44 2016-07-12 18.29.15 2016-07-12 19.17.43

Now I weld on 2×2 3/16″ (7gauge) tube to make the platform.
2016-07-13 13.24.07

There goes the base sitting atop the platform.
2016-07-13 13.44.45 2016-07-13 13.44.50 2016-07-13 14.35.54 2016-07-13 14.42.55 2016-07-13 15.13.37 2016-07-13 15.13.44

I chose to weld on the platform instead of bolting it onto the platform – it was a lot faster than drilling individual holes. It’s on there SOLID now.

Lifted a Generac 17,500watt 500lb generator onto my truck just to test it out. Worked wonders with a jib crane – all by myself that is! Love this thing!
2016-07-15 18.43.51