This year, the atrocities has stacked itself sky high. It affects me none, really. I have lost a dear friend for which I am happy for. I regret nothing. It seems our friendship has been so mellow and sweet but to end so abruptly in the midst of a holiday, makes things even more comfortable for I and easier to endure with or without our friendship. I admit it’s a little harsh for treatment for such a swell rainy holiday. I’m a harsh person and also a heartless one too.

She once had my love. I don’t take things back when they are given. It was shattered by the hands from which I gave. Two folds it took for her to realize something I so dear tried to show her. I wasn’t ready to be her friend but she insisted that she had already lost our friendship. And so I write and emphasize. To dabble a little salt in open wounds for sake of xamples.

As for the lady that I’m all so O in-love with, I would like to extend my gratitude to her for considering myself as a friend, in some cases. I think the reason we are still friends is because I don’t pervade her comfort zone. Needless to say, I don’t act the role. I’ve seen many trials where some bloke has it for some sassy girl and he acts the part. The way he talks to her, the way he interacts with her, all so obvious of the affliction she has on him and the grasp his heart bleeds for anchor. It all fails to an abrupt end when he is hurt and she ignores him. I don’t act the part. I will not give off scent of one ounce to let her know my plight. That is why we remain friends. I don’t treat her any different than any other friend. A friend is nothing more than a pillar of strength. I am that friend.

For the carnivorous person whom put insight in my thoughts, I thank you. He said I’ve been and awful friend and that we are not as close as we once were. I know he’s probably kidding but food for thought, I’ve always been there for him. He hasn’t exactly always been there for me but for the fraction of a tiny glistening part of him I always carry with me, I ignore the maltreatment and move on. Relations of any kind are never fair. Accept it. I admit, I failed him once but that was for his own good. I’ve seen all the indecency that has occurred and never had I stepped in to spoil the moment. That time I felt my duty as a best friend to step in and to dig a few slivers deep under the flesh to rot and let the rotten know he as done rotten things. Does time break away kinship of sort? It has never occurred to me but I guess it has for him. I’ll spare the moment.

A holiday confession. Happy Holidays to everyone & cheers for a wonderful beginning of a new year to come.