Again, I was at Lowes and was looking into purchasing a brad nailer. Build bird houses and etc. I originally picked a Hitachi NT50AE2 to use for miscellaneous projects. This model shoots 2″ brad nails and I’m thinking to myself, “Do I really need something like such?”.

So I asked the associate that was helping me at the time for his recommendation(s). He asked me what I was using it for and if it was for everyday usage and I said just bird houses etc every now-n-then. He said, “The hell you buying this for??! This model shoots 2″ brad nails and it’s way too expensive for making bird houses for your type of use”. He gave it to me straight. Made sense because the Hitachi model costs 80USD while the Black*Decker costs 20USD less. If I were to use it for everyday use, he would recommend the Hitachi for longevity and quality but since I’m not using it everyday, I’ll buy the cheapo one. Basically he saved me a lot of money and so I drove on home all happy and thinking about how proud I am that I saved so much mula!

Can’t knock on BLACK&DECKER now… They aren’t that bad. I know because I had owned a drill made by them before. It was an 18V drill that lasted for a good 4 years until the battery went bad. I could have purchased a new battery but that would have been almost half the price of a new one. Figured 4 years of reliable use- errh, I deserve a new drill. At that time, I had the first Firestorm 18V drills BLACK&DECKER came out with. On a side note, they do make Dewalts, you know,… the drills we all want but can’t afford? I personally don’t care for Dewalts. I’m very satisfied with my Ryobi. Hell almost everything I have is made by Ryobi.

EDIT: 12/23/07
I like this better than my Porter Cable brad nailer. My brother gave me it and it works good, packs a nice punch- literally! I ear drums are in pain! The Black&Decker is smooth and accurate; very nice to my ear drums and has not failed me. Though the associate said to purchase this liberal usage; I have used this everyday and I love it more than my Porter Cable. Light and fits my fancy!