Always wanted one… Now I got one. Nice and cheap. I must have passed the very same isle and tool section in Lowes and Home Depot so so many times wondering why in the hell I didn’t pick it up. I like the normongous ones too. The ones that weigh 50 or more lbs? That’s just too much for me to handle plus I don’t do the type of work that will requires me to use something that massive. This small one fits my budget and workbench just nicely. I can mount this sucker anywhere around the edges of my work bench. Pretty peachy huh?!


I’m going to use this so much and love it so tenderly. I can attest to the countless of times I wished I had a clamp to hold something stupid down or maybe press something into another. Now I feel manly. I have my blue clamp and my workbench. I love my workbench too! I think I need to unscrew it off the damn wall and level it. It’s not level because garages are made with a downgrade pitch so water will “flow” out and not in. Drives me up the wall when it’s not leveled.