I’m thrilled I have my last Wisdom tooth pulled out today. Five shots of the good stuff knocked me out (my whole face that is). I would imagine I will feel the pain once the good stuff subsides. I got cut up badly too! My Wisdom tooth was so nicely rooted the doctor was practically hanging from it during the whole extraction ordeal. I have a hole and some cuts- wonderful!

I’m a “gangsta” (lol). I was texting during the very moments of extraction=) It was funny looking at the doctors facial expression. There was a moment of bliss when I heard a crackling sound and all was done with the tooth encapsulated in the jaws of the doctor’s implement. Just wonderful!

He wrote a prescription for some YUM-O meds but I highly doubt I’ll fill them. I’m alright without them. I’m going to lose a pound or two because of this extraction. Good for me because I can fit in my groin contouring pant(s). Too bad I’ll have the pleasure of doing monkey work under an s2000 tomorrow. My friend pulled out the transmission after I helped him align it. He is a dork. On to braces. I hate my crooked smile. It’s only one tooth out of alignment but dammit, it annoys the heck out of me. Plus yellow isn’t my favorite color either!