I’ve been so busy it’s unbelievable. I need to get back on track. I haven’t had time for myself for days on end. I swear, when it comes to family, I’m the bitch to all the queen bees of the hive. Then again, I’m known to be a bitcher. A cynical one at that if I might add. If things don’t go my way or something goes awry, I’ll bitch till the cows come home. I hardly bitch but dammit, when I do, don’t stand in the middle. I’ll bitch at god if it were possible but it isn’t so everything and anything in-between gets to feel my wrath of ill and decadent monologues of distaste while I exercise my unchecked powers over cronies and the likes.

I hate stupid people. You don’t have to hold a PH.D to be dumb but that doesn’t necessarily make you smart either. For example, four parking spaces of the drive way and you park in the middle. That deserves a bitching. A leaking bathroom the house keeper noticed and told the head queen bee- what the hell is she going to do about it? House keeper + queen bee both gets a bitching after I fix it with a $1.25 flapper. Flat tire on the highway, queen bee calls daughter queen bee- what the fuck is she going to be able to do. Who did they call after an hour of exhaustion of not knowing who else to call during the course of their plight? I fixed the problem… Guess who got a bitching? Got glass windows cleaned and didn’t ask for a quote. Got charged 400USD and paid it for cleaning 5 windows. Guess who got bitched at?

Friend of sibling walked in late at night and uses my bathroom with shoes on. Guess who got bitched at? The guess… It was sweet. I can account for at least 4 guests being downright bitched at by me. I called one dumb before… O crap, make that two. They don’t tread in their homes with shoes on, why the fuck would they do such a thing at someone else’s house? Get the drift? The hive all gained up on me and said I was wrong… I said “Who raised him- him being asian and all, that is a sign of disrespect.” and all shouting broke as ill silence fell over them.