It’s very odd but my loyalty lies within close knit friends. My buddy has interest in the same person I did. When he told me he did, I was surprised but kept to myself. I said to myself that I shall not reveal my secret to him for it will ruin his mood and take away his thunder. Doing so would mean that I will lie to him for which I must as my mind tells me his happiness means more to me. For the simple fact that she does not have interest in me, why be so selfish is and was my train of thought.

I would yield to anyone and not just to my friend. In this delicate situation, my friend is like [anyone else] and I treated him like such so that I can keep to myself. If anyone has rights for her hand, I’m not the one that will bicker but instead, I shall celebrate and be jolly for the both of them… After all, I am her friend too. Her happiness means well beyond my own.

Besides the point, I do not have interests in her anymore as I feel that we are two different people. She once told me that her eldest sister disapproves of me and that I’m not fitting of boyfriend material. The eldest sister is a great friend of mine. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and thus, I bear no discontent. She’s quite lovely might I add. None-the-less, I am once free.