It stunned me to know that the ladies’ room is cleaner than the guys’ room. Not to mention the seat was spotless and there was soap left to wash your hands! O, the air was a lot more crisp. The guys’ room is more like a [shit-hole] – nice and dirty with piss all around. It was a rude awakening to step into the ladies’ room and notice the tremendous difference in the two.

I took my niece out for lunch and I drank three ice tea (non sweet please) with nachos and wings. Needless to say, I had to tinkle like a horse! I dropped her off and drove home for the afternoon. I was out of gas and I was very [antsy]. It was nerve racking when I hit traffic. Unbearable! The ironic thing is there was a pool of water shimmering in the median that enticed and teased me. I arched my back while driving as to somehow relieve the pressure off my bladder or was it to suppress my need to tinkle? It had to be one of those moments out of the two!

Thank god I live near a city with lots and lots of gas stations- they’re like dandelions in an oyster bed of twirling and twisting asphalt. I stopped on by and parked at a pump station but first I had to go [pee] really, really bad! I ran in and some guy was using the restroom. Just as I turned away, the ladies’ room was available. I thought childishly, “If not another lady, than its going to be me-” so I snuck in while she stole around the corner. I was in and out fairly quickly!

I had soap to wash up and the floor was spotless- no pee and pooh scattered on the floor. I’m glad I ran in to the ladies’ room for it I had waited one more minute; I would have soiled my pant! Thank god for clean bathrooms! Got out, purchased 23USD worth of gasoline and left!