So I got invited to a Birthday party that she said I MUST make months before this- half a year prior. So I said to myself I would go (on Friday). The invite was via TEXT (02/29/08- how annoying but okay). So I get another text on Tuesday 03/04/08 stating that the party is canceled. Okay, no problem.

So I spoke casually with a friend today and they said they were at her birthday Thursday. Cool, I’m fine with that. So do I assume she didn’t wanted me to be there? Assumption corrected. It’s just rude not to update someone, especially when you wanted them to go for half a year. I’m not upset or mad but I thought that was extremely rude. She’s done some rude things but I don’t put any mind to it because it’s frivolous.

I know for a fact that If I’m that person, I would have updated the other party out of politeness and either let them decline or accept to go. That would be the proper way to handle the situation. In this situation, it makes you feel that the other person does not want you to be there in the first place. Though I care less if I was there or not, I felt that I should point out the matter.