I think I know why I get the skin torn on my (_|_). When I work my abs, I wear rough cotton shorts! All that rubbing on skin that is delicate isn’t cutting it at all. When I wear softer material than cotton, it doesn’t rip my (_|_) at all. Lesson learned- no cotton on bare bottoms!

Man, I’m tired. I hung some curtains on for my windows at home today and it about drained me of all my energy. No more energy to do anything else other than sleep. Sleeping doesn’t require any energy at all (at least in my case). I’m going to do one chapter of micro and call it a night. I have so much work ahead of me I need to get on the ball before I fall behind. Next exam is coming and I need an “A”.

I cleaned my fish tank filter good today but I think I really need to remove all the substrate (rock) from the bottom and toss it out for something else. It’s looking like crap and I rather have some other substrate other than white pebbles. I think I’ll do this tomorrow but for now, a chapter of micro! My office needs a good cleaning too!