I recently acquired a 14″ Ryobi Chop Saw and have loved it ever since. I was thinking of purchasing a bandsaw and or coldsaw (yeah right!) but combined with the Bullet metal cutting blade, it cuts faster and less grimy than abrasive disks which makes for a cleaner environment around the shop. I’m sure you know how dusty abrasive disks can be because it poses a health issue when ingested via inhalation. The fine granite particles that can be lodged in our lungs and cause all sorts of bad things are from the by products of the abrasive disks.

I don’t think I’ll be getting a bandsaw anytime soon. This chop saw takes up very little room but it’s quite cumbersome to carry so I’m going to make a stand for it once I have time. Might give it better mitering capability but first I have to tinker on how to approach this. The only thing I worry about is the number of cuts I can make before the blade dulls. After all, it’s only carbide and it will dull. I want to make a video of a kick ass cut but I’ll have to do that later so TBA on this one!