I don’t always have a match or a lighter with me to light the propane cooker. So I installed an igniter. The 10″ burner has a very wide surface so propane has to travel throughout the orifices to get lit and thus a little tricky to light but it will light it no problem. Best 20$ upgrade!

97667 Pre-Bent Igniter With Label Part Number: 97667

2016-05-30 17.54.29

2016-05-30 18.43.56

I have the larger soda cups from 7-11 and Wawa. Guess what? They are exactly the same cups with different decals only! I couldn’t find a cup holder for it online so I made one! I went to walmart and found a plant container similar in size and went to down!

You can’t say it’s not a good idea when refills are only !1.08!

2016-05-05 14.28.53




So I needed (wanted) a dash cam but some of the nicer ones were $150-200 and I wasn’t going to have none of that. Besides, they don’t exactly work as you plan. I found that these cams had slow transfer and would freeze up periodically.

I went with the Galaxy S4 because it’s a proven platform – it’s a phone and I had it sitting collecting dust! Has all the apps you would need and wifi connectivity/transfer is automatic if you have dropbox . I personally don’t like android products and I also don’t use it either. iphones are nice but they don’t allow the automation of recording/on-off.

I’m extremely happy with this setup. Clean and simple. Videos are high quality and are in 1hr clips – mp4 format – 2gig 15 min clip. The app is AutoGuard. I think I paid $3 for the app. Made a paperweight into a dash camera that I know will always work, the quality will always be good, and the automation is touchless – out of sight and out of mind!

Something to think about… If it ever breaks, you can always get a high quality android phone used on the internet for $50-75! That charging cable I have sitting on top of the liner will stay there for a good long while – I won’t be using androids new phones – new charging port anytime soon!

1.Car Mount, iOttie Easy View Universal Car Mount Holder
2.Anker Micro Usb To Usb Cable (10Ft / 3M) (I couldn’t find my 90 degree cord to use so I used the straight cord instead)
3.SanDisk Ultra 32GB microSDHC
4.Google app AutoGuard

2016-05-05 13.09.22

Bought this nice 14 ft canoe off of Boyd – nice fella! This boat is 42″ wide and extremely stable for its length. I’m going to turn this into a fishing boat for myself and anyone else wanting to come along. I didn’t want to get any longer of a canoe b/c I would have a hard time transporting it on my truck. A 16′ would have been nice but i’m extremely happy with this purchase. American Eagle canoes are one of the nicest canoes I’ve seen yet. Others just don’t compare when it comes to stability – 42″ wide!

2016-02-16 12.12.35
2016-02-16 12.12.44 2016-02-16 12.12.52 2016-02-16 12.12.59 2016-02-15 13.54.47

I didn’t like the ones I saw for sale – they weren’t that sturdy looking. I bought this one off a guy for $40 and I swear, it cost more than that to make it! This thing is a beast! It can hold fridges and transport some heavy stuff! It needs some TLC though!

2016-01-24 11.54.54

The welds don’t look too beefy but then again, it’s 12 gauge thick material so I wouldn’t expect large welds to began with. The wood boards are a little worn so I’ll be replacing those with some quality pieces plus  a another metal tube under it for better support. This thing weights a good O maybe 30-35lbs – it’s not heavy by all means but really awkward to carry thus it feels heavy to man-handle into the hitch. I’m really liking this cargo carrier for some heavy hog work! I can transport my generator and pressure washer without having to lift so high. The only annoying thing about this is inserting the pin to lock it in place – there isn’t any room plus you have to guess where the hole is and readjust to get it right.

This came tagging along – 30+ miles!
2016-01-24 11.54.47

This was also purchased online for $75. This is an XTRA LARGE crate and perfect size for my beagle. Sometimes I gotta go places and I can leave her in here all day to stretch and relax and not have to feel so cramped. Plus she can potty in here.
2016-01-20 19.37.52
2016-01-21 20.47.29

Love this electric saw. It was time to get a new blade for it. My BIL bought some blades for it and they were really crappy – they dulled within 5 mins of use. I bought some other ones which are “pro grade” according to some of the reviews. Based on the cutters themselves – the merit is there and I’ll soon find out if it dulls within 5 mins use. If it does, i’ll be really disappointed. 
2015-12-16 09.57.56

I bought this trailer for $300. You can’t buy a 5×12 trailer for that crazy money! They are $2000 and under. I basically stole it from the guy – just be patient and they will come down on the price if they are logical.

2015-12-15 12.22.46 2015-12-18 14.09.392016-01-26 12.27.09 2016-01-26 12.27.21

Made 50ft 6/3 cable for my generator. Cheaper to make your own cables than vs buying a set. Worked out great for me and I’m glad I have a set that’s 50ft for those long runs!

$137.50 for 50ft
$15.02 Camco 55255 50 AMP PowerGrip Replacement Plug
$5.95 Leviton 279 50 Amp
=$158.47 vs  $189 NU-CORD 94561E

2LsZd-vx-yua3JBWFDUdwbBJbpyZeSWzfmMWw4HhEJI JpgokFEYlWRxqA1Fc8C-qr-6o49egD3QiowyQJCeTnw71v6jiBa6gL._SL1313_

Bought two and had to do some cutting. Fits nicely. I really like both brands for the weekend warrior! The batteries hold their charge as do all lithium batteries. You could really do many projects requiring battery power and use these batteries to power them!


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