Don’t you hate it when the sink is clogged? I specifically asked the ladies of the house if they had ever dumped oil down the drain – yeah yeah… Shouldn’t even ask because there won’t be an honest ănswer. I tried the conventional way of unclogging it – snake – didn’t work out so well. I just dog it up and ran new piping like a BOSS 2014-04-25 12.31.53 2014-04-25 12.33.25

I bought a table saw from a guy for $75 bucks (saw + some blades). Saw ended up being $35 or something like that. Took it home and made a cart for it a year later. It was a great deal. Now I can rip sheet goods 50″ wide. The saw was made in 1982/1983 – can’t remember. Nice craftsman and buttery smooth! Can’t complain!

2013-12-29 15.12.46 2013-12-29 15.12.56  2013-12-29 17.38.07 2013-12-29 17.38.18 2013-12-29 17.38.23

2014-01-02 14.55.43 2014-01-02 11.27.08 2014-01-02 14.09.04

I had always wanted a way to save my oil after frying a batch of fried chicken wings and used a funnel and napkins to do so. I came up with an ingenious idea of doing so. I used two food grade containers and an aluminum strainer purchased from Amazon.




This thing was tiny and I could see good use of it if you were frying eggs or meat and wanted to save the oil. I deep fry so I use massive amounts of oil compared to frying eggs. I needed a way to do so.

Took two containers (Rubbermaid 7J72) and cut one hole inside the bottom of one container and the other hole in the lid itself. The containers snap together so it was convenient to choose this route. The aluminum strainer fit perfectly into the cut out. Works extremely well.

2013-11-21 16.12.31

2013-11-21 16.12.49  2013-11-21 16.12.54 2013-11-21 16.20.59 2013-11-21 16.22.34

One of the things I like to eat while drinking some Budlight is Muc Kho.

imgres1 images

I got tired of making it on the electric range, gas range, and on a fire.imgres muc_kho2


So a few weeks ago I started using a bread toaster. Figured why in the heck not?!!! Come to my amazement, it worked great!!! I hope this catches on. Makes life so much easier b/c I can put the toaster right underneath the rang hood and it sucks all the foul smell from burning squid! Cheers



The kit for installing my Ipad was $200. That includes sliding kit plus the 90 degree 30 pin connector. No thanks. So I purchased an Ipad extended battery and used it. I purchased the bezel from SoundManCa though, to fiberglass ontop of my contraption. So far so good. Keep in mind, I have never worked with fiberglass before. Since then, I’m loving it. Easy to work with and so many countless of jobs you can use it for to bond with anything. I know i need a new blade thought 😉 It’s okay though b/c I wont see the opening once the ipad is installed! Almost finish! Bondo and bezel installed = Finish

10-5-2013 3-46-10 PM 10-5-2013 3-46-52 PM

2013-10-09 19.04.25 2013-10-09 18.53.22

So I purchased an infrared thermometer and it works quite well. Only thing is that it looks cheap and feels cheap – do I really care? Not really 😉 It works and works well. I use it to see the difference in body part temperatures (sprained ankle vs one that isn’t) to let me know how to proceed. That’s one of many other uses. I’m happy now…

8-21-2013 10-11-35 AM

I purchased a new Optima 27F yellow deep cycle battery. The technician didn’t do a very sound job. The terminals were still wiggling after the install. You can pull on it and it will move. He’s the “manager” of the store. I took it home and tighten the battery terminals in less than a minute with a 10mm wrench…

2013-07-11 16.26.38

To be humble is to look at life with sincerity and society with patience.

I was just experimenting just for kicks and used table salt with hot tap water. It turned out clear and left my anode with something that is less desirable. What’s that yellow stuff?

2013-04-04 01.28.35

Had some extra time this week to install a SS tube to use and agitate my CS setup. The result was satisfying none the less. I found that I needed less washing soda to lower the required voltage (0.75ml vs 2.5ml) to produce CS and I am happy because of it. Cheers!

2013-04-02 11.42.02

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