I have been using a glass beaker (4000ML) to make ionic silver. Once completed, I would heat up the beaker and convert it to colloidal silver. Needless to say, it cracked and there goes a gallon of colloidal silver down the drain. I saw it coming long while back because there were small minute hairline cracks visible on the bottom of the beaker – it was only time! I’m not going to be purchasing another one b/c that beaker was a pain in the butt to move around. I’m using gallon plastic pitchers at Walmart to be the vessel in which ends will meet. It’s been working out nicely might I add. I’m using a presto fryer to heat up my water. Works great! Wish I had done this years ago!

EDIT 6PM: I use to make my ionic silver then heat it up in the 4000ml beaker to convert it to colloidal silver. I would start by heating a gallon of distilled water up first for 8 minutes @ 400F so it’s warm but not scolding HOT, then run the generator for 80minutes to produce 20PPM CS. This has been the most consistent batch of CS I’ve made so far because I had absolutely no floating silver in the solution. I will continue this process because using the glass beaker was more of a balance act. I’m making some beautiful colloidal silver and I’m absolutely thrilled about it!!! I’m having some new wonderful ideas on making a new generator soon!