May 2016

I don’t always have a match or a lighter with me to light the propane cooker. So I installed an igniter. The 10″ burner has a very wide surface so propane has to travel throughout the orifices to get lit and thus a little tricky to light but it will light it no problem. Best 20$ upgrade!

97667 Pre-Bent Igniter With Label Part Number: 97667

2016-05-30 17.54.29

2016-05-30 18.43.56

I have the larger soda cups from 7-11 and Wawa. Guess what? They are exactly the same cups with different decals only! I couldn’t find a cup holder for it online so I made one! I went to walmart and found a plant container similar in size and went to down!

You can’t say it’s not a good idea when refills are only !1.08!

2016-05-05 14.28.53




So I needed (wanted) a dash cam but some of the nicer ones were $150-200 and I wasn’t going to have none of that. Besides, they don’t exactly work as you plan. I found that these cams had slow transfer and would freeze up periodically.

I went with the Galaxy S4 because it’s a proven platform – it’s a phone and I had it sitting collecting dust! Has all the apps you would need and wifi connectivity/transfer is automatic if you have dropbox . I personally don’t like android products and I also don’t use it either. iphones are nice but they don’t allow the automation of recording/on-off.

I’m extremely happy with this setup. Clean and simple. Videos are high quality and are in 1hr clips – mp4 format – 2gig 15 min clip. The app is AutoGuard. I think I paid $3 for the app. Made a paperweight into a dash camera that I know will always work, the quality will always be good, and the automation is touchless – out of sight and out of mind!

Something to think about… If it ever breaks, you can always get a high quality android phone used on the internet for $50-75! That charging cable I have sitting on top of the liner will stay there for a good long while – I won’t be using androids new phones – new charging port anytime soon!

1.Car Mount, iOttie Easy View Universal Car Mount Holder
2.Anker Micro Usb To Usb Cable (10Ft / 3M) (I couldn’t find my 90 degree cord to use so I used the straight cord instead)
3.SanDisk Ultra 32GB microSDHC
4.Google app AutoGuard

2016-05-05 13.09.22